Saturday, March 5, 2016


This is a different kind of week for us.  Emily's in-laws/Ryan's parents are visiting from South Dakota for a week, and they have baby duty for awhile.  I miss the babies, but I know they're getting extra Gramma and Grandpa love.  I met Millie and Al this afternoon, and we walked over in the rain to the little coffee shop downtown, SnoValley Coffee.   It was such a nice visit.  It's hard to believe it's been nearly 7 years since I've seen them.  Mike has stopped by and visited with them in Sioux Falls twice without me.

We like this coffee shop better than Starbucks, which is another couple of blocks away.

Here's our table.

The fireplace makes it nice and cozy - sometimes TOO cozy.  You don't want to be too close to that fireplace.

It was just the perfect place to be on a rainy afternoon.

If we can arrange it, Millie and I want to go over to Snoqualmie downtown and North Bend and poke around some of the shops that look interesting.  They're going back Tuesday though, so I don't know.
At 8:00 this morning, Mike had an appointment at Snoqualmie Valley Eye Care which is down the street from the coffee shop to plan more for his cataract surgery.  The surgeon, Dr Rebecca Dale spent a good bit of time explaining the procedure and what it involved as well as the risks.

Mike pretty much was silently saying "La, la, la, la.  I'm not listening," when she was talking about membranes and rings and retinal tears, but I listened.  Because of his cough, the surgery was delayed a couple of weeks to make sure she has a quiet patient to work on.  If that's even possible.

We were there over an hour and then went to North Bend to Safeway.  This is a new grocery chain to get used to, but it's coming.  The prices are not too bad.  Some things are cheaper than Alabama or comparable, like milk, bread, and eggs.  Some are not, although there is no food tax.  I don't miss that 10% tax we had in Montgomery.  

'm going to regret not getting and freezing pecans from Gantt this year.

These pictures were taken at the grocery store parking lot and on the way home.

This seem to be an azalea, but the only color I've seen here is purple.  Rhododendrons are more prevalent, but they're not blooming yet.

I was surprised for some reason to see this Japanese magnolia, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised since Alabama and Western Washington are in the same plant hardiness zone.

Tomorrow is hopefully cleaning day - but I just picked up 5 new books and audio books at the library yesterday.  Decisions!

I've collected a few things for the apartment that I thought the girls might want to play with, but Graysen's favorites yesterday were muffin tins, measuring cups, and pom-poms.  She spent a lot of time just transferring them from place to place and having her own little conversations about them.

Ryan picked her up to go to the airport and left Katherine with us.  On the second try I got her to sleep on a quilt on the floor and wrapped her up like a little taco.  She slept probably 2 hours, and when Mike when to check on her, he said he found her in the closet, just sitting there looking around.  Guess we'll have to get out the Pack N Play.

I got half the knit dress for Graysen finished but can't find the camera to take a picture.  I have the pockets to put in the skirt and then sew the skirt to the top, and that will be all for that dress.  Snaps instead of buttons and buttonholes and a simple hem, and it should make a nice play dress.

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