Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Busy Tuesday

It was a full day today and so much fun.  I'm afraid my pictures are awful, but they'll have to do.  Mike's cell phone ones are much better.

Today was gymnastics day and also the day Millie and Al flew back to South Dakota.  I wish they could have stayed longer.  We didn't get to see enough of them.

Ryan dropped Graysen off early, and she wanted to see the dress I was sewing for her.  No time to try it on today, but it got a stamp of approval.

The flower buttons were a hit also.  Snaps and no buttonholes.  Too afraid of doing buttonholes in knit.

She loves studying my costume patterns.  She and Mike are in deep discussion over one.

 So hard to pick a favorite.  Is it Snow White - or Rapunzel - or Tinker Belle?  Or how about a witch?

I may have steered her toward Snow White since I already have the fabric and she has Aunt Kathy and Uncle Alan's red birthday cape already.

This is also the white gown I made last week that she said she didn't like.  She found out how nicely it twirls and decided she liked it just fine.

We had time for a few minutes of serious talk on the balcony.  She wanted to talk about Audrey's birthday (one of her friends whose birthday was some time ago) but had no details except, "Audrey is afraid of PJ."  The one who has dressed up like Santa Claus and a moose at various times.

Graysen did fine at gymnastics last week, but I didn't have a camera.  These are just some scenes so she can look back one day and see how sweet she was.

When we got home, she told her mom, "I don't do flips."

Ryan and Katherine made an appearance, and Graysen gave her a big kiss and snuggle.

We came home, picked up Katherine, and had lunch.  After they played a little bit, we decided to try and see if Graysen would nap at our house - out of her familiar room and routine.  We didn't even have any books over here, so we went to YouTube and had someone read us some books:  If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and several more.  We liked it fine except the reader didn't linger long enough on each page to study and discuss everything,  We may have "read" this one three times.  We ended up with some nursery rhyme songs that she loved and sang along with.  Some of them were a little strange, but she didn't seem to notice.

After that, she got into her sleeping bag and was asleep within a few minutes.  Mike got Katherine to sleep and then took a nap.  So I had 3 people in 3 rooms sleeping and had nowhere to go but the sewing room where I started to think about making a birthday runner for Katherine's birthday in May.

Nothing sweeter!  The ballerinas on the pillowcase were embroidered by her great-grandmother for her mother and aunt in the 80s.  The quilt she's sleeping under was made by her great-great-grandmother Stone.  We think.  Or maybe her mother.

Katherine is on another quilt made by her great-great grandmother, Granny Watkins.

I've requested a couple of these for my spring gardening - whenever we get the all clear to plant things.  

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  1. The girls are just too cute! Seeing how our little toddler enjoys spending his days with my parents who live only about 2 miles away from us and how they adore him vice versa, I´m glad for you that you now live closer to them get to enjoy your grandbabies as well. :-)
    The plants you showed grow in our parts of the world (Austria, central Europe) as well. The one you thought was a holly is a Mahonia.