Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Another Tuesday

So much happens in a week that it's impossible to remember it all, so I guess I'll work back from today.

It was gymnastics again today.  Mom forgot to do Graysen's pigtails this morning, so she had a pretty strange looking hairdo from Mimi.

Even stranger when she got through fixing it.

 Katherine got prettied up too with a hairband.  She reached both hands up to grab it, but I distracted her, and she kept it on all through breakfast.  Cute!

 Everything is funny to this girl.

Watching for the garbage truck.  It never gets old.

Neither does climbing the stairs for Katherine.  It's time for the gate, I think.

When we moved here 2 months ago, this baby was just sitting up and not too steadily.  All of a sudden she can crawl from room to room, pull up on anything, and push toys, and now she is attempting to go up the stairs.  It's going too fast for me.  

Gymnastics class was fun.  More fun for her than last 2 times I think.  She's relaxing and listening to directions and getting familiar with the teacher and other kids.  When they lined up to go in, she did turn and point to a chair and say, "You stay RIGHT there, Mimi."  No problem!  I love watching her and also watching and listening to the other families milling around.

I've been fascinated with the signs of spring here in Washington these past few weeks.  A lot of things are familiar but some are new to me.  I identified the Japonica by Googling it, but my brother has them in his yard in Birmingham, so it's not just a NW thing.

These are right outside our door along with hydrangeas and another bush that has looked like a tumbleweed all winter.  It will be interesting to see what it turns out to be.

The hydrangeas at the foot of our stairs are huge and healthy-looking.  Can't wait to see what color they are.

I have no idea about this one.

I did a lot of looking and picture taking on my way back and forth to "work" this morning.  So pretty though still around 38 or 39 degrees.

The leaves make me think this is a holly.  An Oregon grape holly?

Primroses are as common as pansies are in the South.

I guess this is a weeping cherry.  Weeping something.

Cherry trees.  Pretty soon the sidewalks will be full of dropped cherries.

Daffodils that smelled wonderful.

I hope this is a pussy willow bush.  I want it to be a pussy willow since I've never seen one.  Sure looks like one.

 And the Bradford pears ( I think) that make a beautiful canopy over the sidewalks.

A couple of sewing projects on the table.

I want to try and make this before Katherine's birthday and just have it for everyone when they have a birthday.  

It's a good way to use up scraps.

I got a package last week from Sherry.  I knew it would be something good when I saw it was from her.  We enjoyed our "adult coloring books" when she and David visited us during Christmas/New Year's, so she found some fabric that can be colored.  Interesting!  

It's pretty enough just in black and white.

I couldn't imagine getting into those tiny spaces, but when I opened the fabric markers, they have a very fine tip.  

I tried a quick leaf or two to see how it was going to work, and it was easy to do and addictive.  I may have already done a couple of butterflies.

Sherry does beautiful long-arm quilting.  Here is her web site just in case someone in the Chattanooga area needs a professional finish to their masterpieces.  Mail order works too!  Not that I ever finish anything for her to quilt, but there is always hope.

It's been a great week, and we still love it up here.  I'm so self-centered between working and just getting used to a major move that I don't keep up with email and Facebook or reading other blogs or keeping up with the news like I used to.  It helps writing down these things so I will be able to remember them. 


  1. I love the pictures of Graysen and Katherine�� I can't believe all the plants and trees that are blooming with 38 degree weather~ they are beautiful!

  2. The temperatures stay above freezing, so I guess there's no reason not to bloom away. This morning was the first time we noticed frost on the windshield since moving here the first of January. You should send me some pictures of your yard to compare. I hear the pollen is pretty thick!

  3. The girls are just too cute! Seeing how our little toddler enjoys spending his days with my parents who live only about 2 miles away from us and vice versa, I´m glad for you that you now live closer to them get to enjoy your grandbabies as well. :-)
    The plants you showed grow in our parts of the world (Austria, central Europe) as well. The one you thought was a holly is a Mahonia.


    1. Thank you! We're pretty content right now! I keep mis-identifying the plants here. I'm familiar with one kind of mahonia but not this one. One plant I thought was a hydrangea is definitely not. I need to do a little searching. I'll have to post all my mysteries one day and see if we can get answers!