Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Just looking out the window today, it looks like a nice warm spring day.

But not so.  It's a cool 50 degrees with relentless gusts of wind.  Brrrr.  Still, it's better than the rain we had the last couple of days.

We're watching the Southern weather very closely.  Almost every member of our family and most of our friends are in the area, and I can't remember a worse forecast for storms and tornadoes.  It's in Mississippi and Louisiana at the present time and will be in Alabama late this evening and then on to Georgia and Tennessee after that.  I know a lot of people are worried, and businesses are closing early in Andalusia so people can get to safety.

Tornado Outbreak Underway
Timing the Largest Tornado Threat

I have birthday pictures of Graysen's 3rd birthday party, which was so much fun, but I don't have time to do them justice right now.

Here are a few photos from the past few days.

Those eyes!  And eyebrows.  And kissable cheeks.

Graysen got so much jewelry for her birthday along with high-heeled shoes and a new tiara.  She's examining all her rings in the sunlight this morning.

She refuses to wash off this hideous tattoo.  I still can't believe a grandchild of mine chose this!

As we got to the top of the stairs at nap time, we found Jack enjoying the sunshine too.  He not only did not move, but he reached out and slapped at us for disturbing him.

Even with two people, this was harder than it looked.  Wet babies are slippery

Now I'm going to sew finally so will MAYBE have some pictures by tomorrow.

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