Thursday, February 18, 2016

Settling In

Yesterday Mike and Ryan installed Graysen's car seat in the back seat.  Since they had her in there for measurement, and she thought she was going somewhere, we decided she and I would go hang out at Mimi and PopPop's house.

I was so nervous.  We carried our children and half the children in town many miles with no car seats or seat belts, and yet I was very reluctant to be responsible for this precious little being behind me.   It was a good first trip for me, one stop sign, a left turn, and we were there.  I did forget my phone and had to go back because I was expecting an important phone call., but that helped my confidence.

We made it okay, and I improvised a little on a lunch.  Graysen didn't care what it was, as long as it was a picnic.  She was just so excited to be here by herself.  I made some tuna salad which neither one of us cared for and a peanut butter and honey sandwich which we shared.  Along with yogret, that was a nice meal, especially when she had such a lovely dining area.

We're dealing for the first time I can remember with an eating area with carpet.  No room to eat in the kitchen.  Emily brought over this floor mat and I had brought Mama's craft tray.  Along with a plant stand with no plant (sore subject), she was perfectly happy.   The bunny stew was delicious.

Sherry had sent her a cute place mat that she made with vinyl fabric on one side and chalkboard fabric on the other, so when she's not eating, she can draw.  She did that last week but was too busy to draw yesterday.

Since I had to get some appropriate eating and drinking utensils, I thought I would try these sippy cups.

Sounds like a great idea for no spills.  I tried one earlier and it worked for me.  Graysen was not so convinced.  She is used to her own cup and absolutely enjoys her milk out of that.  It's comforting to her and what she is used to, but she gamely tried the new one.  I wasn't sure she was getting anything, but the milk running down her stomach once convinced me she was.

We'll try Katherine on one today since she is not used to one yet and she does tend to toss hers off the highchair, so we can test that no-spill thing.

This happened immediately after we got here.  This old bookcase was sitting in the hall to be thrown away, and I had found a couple of Emily's old dolls that she was going to toss out too.  It didn't matter to Graysen.  She was thrilled at the double bunk beds.

After she finished washing dishes, she even asked for the stool as a special bed for the bunny.

I think you could put her in front of a sink with soapy water and, of course, running water, and she would play forever.  It's hard to lure her away.  This picture was after she had dumped this container of water on her shirt and was waiting for it to dry.

Mike had taken this picture earlier yesterday morning just after we got to her house .  He labeled it "Channeling Either Cinderella or Daisy from Downton Abbey".

So - to apartment settling in.  It's hard.  Clutter.  No time.  Decisions.  Where to put what.  What to throw away.

Our old desk from Trion had a couple of wobbly legs, so Ryan took one home and repaired it.  We're really happy to see it here.

I just stuck some stuff on top and not sure what will stick.  It will be good to get the sampler hung above it.

I may be going lamp crazy.  The living room/dining room doesn't have a lot of light, and these lamps don't add much, but somehow it makes things look more homey.

 I had this old wreath and decided to hang it here. for some reason  Mike advised me on the bow color.  The first one didn't work, and he thought white would be perfect with the white dishes.  I may consult him more often.

Ryan and Mike pulled out this china cabinet to put a hole in back for yet another lamp.  I love this piece, and it got sent to the corner of the living room, so I wanted to give it a little importance.  We'll see.

A busy day is ahead.  Babysitting until around 2:00 and then going to Target and Safeway for birthday party supplies and Home Depot for something.

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