Friday, February 26, 2016

A New Nightgown

Graysen has just one nightgown that she's been wearing since she could walk, and it's now more like a shirt.   She still loves it though, and Mama and Mimi thought she would like a new one - one that would twirl and be like Clara's in the Nutcracker.

I found this pattern, Hannah's Nightgown by Olabelhe, and ordered it.  It looks so pretty and twirly and, best of all, fairly simple to make.

I had this white-on-white stripe that has been in my fabric stash for many years.  I just hadn't found the right thing for it.

The yoke went fine, and I decided to add some lace and tucks to fancy it up a little bit.


This is my lovely new sewing room about halfway though.

The instructions called for pleating the skirt instead of gathering, although I think gathering would have been fine.  I did try it, and it worked great.  There was a lot of learning though, and I took it out twice before I re-read the directions - and then twice more once I got into a rhythm of pleating.

It looks pretty dangerous.

I finished it this morning and put the buttons on tonight.  I could easily have made it in a day if I had wanted to.

What little girl would not love a sweet twirly nightgown like this to do ballet in?  Graysen Bindert, that's who!  She was wishy-washy about it when I showed it to her and reluctantly let me try it on her.   And told me sadly that she didn't like it.   Perfect fit.  Size 3T for a just-turned-3-year-old.  She needs a couple of inches in length that I can add.  IF she ever wears it.  Emily and I think she will, if nothing more than for dress-up.

Anyway, it was a beautiful day of sunshine today, if a little chilly, and we got out and walked from the house to the apartment, at least Katherine and I did.  Mike took Graysen to North Bend to show her the gymnastics building and let her see a little of what she would be doing next week.

Sweet Baby K.  I love her so much.   It's good to spend some time alone with her.

We kept Graysen at the apartment while the others went to a church meeting tonight, and she found one of my button boxes.  She spent a lot of time arranging them and exclaiming over them.

Stella has accepted the children a little better now and doesn't run and hide, but she's keeping a pretty good eye on her.

We're still trying to figure out what to put in the living room and have bits and pieces (and boxes) from everywhere.  At least there is a path now.

While I folded clothes, Graysen kept busy with a basket of hotel freebies.  Who needs toys?

Tomorrow is another rainy and cool day.   Glad we had this pretty one anyway.  The trees are budding out and looking so promising.  

I don't know what this is, but it has a white berry, and it grows all along our path.  We're looking forward to a lot of blackberries this year too.

I think this is heather.  There is a lot of it - white and purple - growing along the sidewalks.

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