Friday, January 1, 2016

New Year 2016

We had our second annual New Year's Day feast with Sherry and David today.  They stopped off to spend a few days with us on their way from St. Augustine to Ooltewah.  Their motor home is settled in our driveway, and it's so convenient to come and go without having to drive.

They got here last night, and we stayed up as long as we could and celebrated the last year of 2015.  We were probably all asleep by 11:00.

This morning was spent drinking coffee and talking and just hanging out.  Sherry showed me what she had found on the genealogy web sites on our grandmother's family.  So interesting.

Late morning was spent helping Elizabeth Ann, our across-the-street neighbor, get acquainted with her new sewing machine.  It was probably pretty intimidating with 5 adults surrounding her and giving advice and taking pictures, but she had plenty of confidence and didn't let it bother her.  

Sherry had taught beginner sewing classes before, so she knew just where to start and how much information to give.

She was pretty pleased that her first 3 lines of stitches turned out a little doll pillowcase - or hand puppet.  Whatever.

Now that she knows the parts of the machine and a little of how things work, she can learn quickly from the manual.  Mom Lauran was also encouraged to learn a little bit of the basics, so she can help out later.  They'll both do fine.  I wish we were going to be here to see her progress.

Elizabeth Ann went over and gave the kitty boys some treats.  

And then it was time to say some sad good-byes.  We won't see her again, but we'll keep up with her progress by email and pictures. 

We had, as usual, way too much food, but every bit of it has been good - well, maybe not the chorizo and some of the cheeses.

Lunch:  Leftovers and odds and ends.

For our New Year's dinner, Sherry made the ham and black-eyed peas, David put together cornbread, and I had made the potato salad, lime congealed salad, and cranberry bars.  Mike didn't cook anything but admired and appreciated everything very much.  Still is appreciating the cranberry bars.

We'll get up early and go to Andalusia to visit Mama in the Manor and meet Debby and Tom for lunch.  It will be a long day and sad to think of last times for getting together before we leave. 

I'll have more pictures tomorrow, certainly some of Bentley, Nicky, and Finnegan.  Poor Stella is so shy she has stayed hidden since Sherry and David got here.

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