Monday, January 4, 2016


Here I am up at 3:30, which is unusual for me.  Mike and Sherry have discussed their insomnia so much and traded sleep remedies and over-the-counter medications so much that now I'm joining them.  As far as I know, those two are sleeping away.

At least I can catch up a little on yesterday.  It was a just-right day.  I love having nowhere to be and nothing in particular to do.  Sherry came over early, and we had our coffee.  Then David came, and we discussed Southern Living recipes, involving Debby in our cornbread talk.

Sherry and I decided late in the morning to go out to Joann's and Bed Bath and Beyond.  It was so nice just to wander around the stores with nothing in mind we had to look for.  I got some place mats and candles and found a comforter I liked (but didn't buy).  It was only on the way out that Sherry discovered our latest obsession (who knew?)  - adult coloring books.

Since there were no markers or pencils or means of coloring in them in BB&B, we went on a search in the art department of Joann's.  We spent a long time discussing what to use since there were no instructions and ended up with a set of 50 washable markers.  We figured they wouldn't be getting washed, and there were a lot of pretty colors.

I really wasn't sure I would even color one, or if I did, that I would just briefly try it.  Wrong!

 I just picked up a pretty blue crayon and filled in a few spots.  And then understood.  It was really a lot of fun, and you could still talk and listen to other people talk without having to concentrate too hard.  There were a lot of discussions about the markers we chose - how there were no really light ones or how we couldn't shade or do much with them.  I guess colored pencils are better for that.  We'll figure it out.

Sherry started out with a simpler design (smart!) but couldn't find any face colors that looked realistic.  I like these choices though and her choice of the other colors.  Me - I just picked up a marker and found a spot to color without much idea of where I was going with it.  I'd like a background color, but none of the marker were light enough.  

I doubt this will much interfere with our sewing or other needlework, but it is more enjoyable than I thought it would be.  

I've started to collect a few audio books for the trip starting Friday.  During the moving sale, a neighbor and her husband visited several times, and the last time we started talking about listening to books while we drive.  She bought all the tapes we had for sale and then went all the way home and brought me back these to try.  Hopefully, a couple of them will work out.  I'm looking forward to getting on the road!

Stella is probably NOT going to much enjoy the trip, but we'll have to see and make the best of it.  After her traumatic journey in the sofa the other day, the arrival of strange voices in the house sent her into hiding - for nearly 3 days.  She would come out at night and at times when they went to the motor home, but it wasn't until yesterday that she would let Sherry and David pet her and give her some treats.  By last night, she was lying on the rug right in the center of things.  I think now she'll miss them when they leave.

She is probably the reason I was up at 3:30, needing a little attention.

Just too sleepy for words.  Which makes it really hard for me to type.

Sherry and David head back to Tennessee today, and our fun will be over.  It's serious business now with four days to pack and movers coming Friday to load the truck.  I think we're about ready with a few more boxes to come from Alan Tuesday.  I'm not sure what we would have done without him bringing up loads of big heavy-duty boxes.

We will also need to start studying those weather reports.

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