Saturday, January 23, 2016

Getting Closer

To what, I'm not sure.

Now that we have our internet connected and I can use my computer, I'm closer to writing something here, although so much has happened this week that I'll never remember it.

Camera cable has not surfaced, so I still have to use Mike's, but I will be taking some pictures again and uploading the ones in my camera.

I just emptied the last of the boxes - the ones that are actually going to be emptied.  Some will go back down to the garage.  A bunch are still sitting in the middle of the dining/living room, and I will feel like a new person when they finally go out.

We're been dropping all the nice big sewing machine boxes off the balcony down to the garage, but there is a car in that space now, and it's raining, so our antics will have to be curtailed.  The embarrassment of throwing boxes off a balcony (mine, not Mike's - he loves it) is outweighed by the joy of having them gone.  Since there are about 30 steps down to the garage  (19 stair and landing steps plus 2 car spaces), it makes perfect sense to take shortcuts.

I've filled every possible nook and cranny in this little kitchen and 2 bathrooms plus the laundry room and hall closet, so it's now time to take stock and re-organize and get rid of a few more things.  The pantry will hopefully be done today.  I need to take some before and after pictures - I'm just afraid the after ones won't look that much better.

We're off to babysit for about an hour with sweet Kate while the others go out for awhile.  We lost our old friend Griffin, the grand-corgi, yesterday, and everyone needs cheering up.  I'll find some pictures and memories of him for another day.

Even with space problems and the usual things that go with moving, we're extremely happy here and love sitting in our little living room with the fire going, out of the rain and knowing we're just a few steps from seeing the babies any time we want to.  The TV is up and running - and I do mean up - above the fireplace - but I think we'll get used to it.

I'll do better now on keeping up and trying to find a new name for the blog.  I'm just blank on it right now, but I'm sure I'll think of something.

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