Monday, January 11, 2016

Getting Closer and Getting Warmer

The day started out pretty cold as we left El Reno, NM.  Mike had warmed the car and truck up, and we had another nice breakfast, so it was a comfortable drive without as many trucks.

We watched what looked like a dust storm roll toward us and engulf us quickly, but I guess it was just fog.

This was pretty much the scenery from New Mexico into Arizona.  Pretty mountains in the distance.

The temps improved to the 20s and then the 30s, and we finally saw 57.

Flagstaff was beautiful with all the snow, but my camera was between my feet somewhere and impossible to retrieve until we stopped in California for gas.

Whoa, California!   From $1.74 to $3.79 very quickly!

The Mojave Desert.  Miles and miles of it.  Good thing I had my excellent audio book to listen to.

We need to sleep and be ready to tackle the whole state of California tomorrow.  I'm ready to be home!

I do believe Stella has found a kind of acceptance in her new life.  She sleeps all day in the car and can't wait to try out her new bed for the night.  This is in Tehachapi, CA.

We finally broke down and bought food tonight.  It's a funny little town with lots of restaurants, but we didn't want to go inside so found a little place called Burger Spot.  It looked like not much, and we did have to go inside to pick up the order, but there was a huge menu and a chatty little sweet girl to talk to while we waited.  One of the best hamburgers I've had in a long time.  Maybe we should stop in the morning and get one to take with us for lunch.  

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