Sunday, January 10, 2016

Gallup on Sunday

Today was fairly uneventful too except for being sooooo cold this morning.

It's such a production to travel with a pet, just getting twice as many things in and out of the car and timing things just right so they don't hide or escape, and it's worse in 15 degree weather.  Our car packing is in complete disarray, and I'll be surprised if the plants make it; if they don't freeze, they'll probably get crushed.  I did notice that the Christmas cactus started blooming on moving day, and I can see some pink blooms when I look through the car window.

The motel had a nice hot breakfast and really good coffee, so we enjoyed that while we waited for daylight but went ahead and left in the dark.

Stella did much better today.  She thought she was hidden under the bed skirt, but her tail and paws gave her away.  Once she got in the car, she was perfectly willing to sleep in the front seat most of the morning.  Then she moved to the floor behind me and stayed there the entire day.  She seemed happy enough and didn't panic when we stopped for gas.

I have a bunch of blurry pictures and just bad pictures today.  I want to record some of the trip because I might never come this way again, but it's hard to drive and take a picture - too dangerous, and I just didn't try it much.

This is what I got of Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico.  The prettiest part of New Mexico, going into Albuquerque, I was too petrified to even think about anything but keeping in my lane and try not to notice the huge trucks behind and beside me.  It started snowing, and that didn't make me feel much better.

These things are spooky to me.

For Daddy!

 I finished my first audio book this morning and started the second one.  The first one, the reader had a beautiful British accent, and the second one, the reader has a very southern accent.   Ya'll come OWN now!

We were lucky to have good weather today, no car problems, few large towns, and a straight and flat interstate.  Tomorrow may change, but we're getting closer.

We found a La Quinta Inn in Gallup.  It's the first time I've stayed in one, but they do let pets stay free and have dog and cat treats at the desk along with human cookies.  I'm just glad the couple with the little dog didn't end of sharing our elevator.  Stella can hear one yap every once in awhile next door and puts back her ears, but overall she is content with her paws tucked under her.  She's very sleepy despite sleeping approximately 10 hours today.

For a change of subject, here's a sweet picture of Grayson.  I'm not getting any pictures or videos and very little news of the babies since we're going to be seeing them nearly every day soon.

She found this shoe rack in her parents' closet that made a perfect 4-tier bunk bed for her babies.  This may rival the one we made.

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