Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Final Night on the Road

We're still speaking, the vehicles are still running fine, and the cat has not escaped.  We're in another La Quinta in Ashland, Oregon - and relieved to be here.  The last 15 miles or so down a mountain after dark with the big trucks and their bright lights was a little nerve-wracking.

I got almost no pictures today in California because of the fog all morning, not completely clearing until almost noon.  That and the Cascades kept us from getting many miles - only 636 - for a total of 2792.  We have 466 miles to drive tomorrow - piece of cake - and all in daylight.

We hopped on I-5 south of Bakersfield and went the whole length of California.  It was a long day!

There were miles of fruit trees and vines (I think), but the fog was so thick we couldn't tell one thing about them.  We did see orange trees loaded down with oranges.

I think these are baby trees or vines.

After the fog cleared, there were some green fields and pretty scenery.  We could see Mt Shasta in the distance, so beautiful with the sun shining on the snow, but I couldn't get a good picture from the car.  I did get a close up later on though.

 The drive through the Cascades was awesome, just breathtaking, and I wish I could have enjoyed it more without having to watch the road.  Just a few pictures.  Mt. Shasta looks like a bundt cake with powdered sugar on it.

It's not cold tonight, in the 50s, but the wind is howling outside like crazy.

Stella did great again all day.  She slept the whole day on the floor of the back seat and now is trying to sleep again after exploring her new room.  The wind freaks her out as much as it does me.

If all goes well, we'll be in our new home tomorrow night - or maybe at the Bindert home for a night if we are as tired then as we are now.  

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