Sunday, January 3, 2016

Final good-byes and caramel cake

Since the day of moving is approaching, in spite of all our doubts that it would ever happen, we're making sure we have some occasions for saying good-bye.  I failed to take any pictures, but that's just as well.

Last Tuesday, Kathy and I had a nice relaxed lunch on a rainy day in Montgomery at Chappy's.  For most of our lives, we've lived in different areas of the country from Kathy and Alan and just met at Christmas.  Briefly in Greensboro/Winston-Salem, we were able to get together once in awhile.  And now in Andalusia/Montgomery, we have done more visiting than ever before.  Just because we're leaving doesn't mean we won't see each other sometimes - it will just be a lot more difficult.  We will come back in the spring or before, and they will work on getting a visit to see us.

Yesterday, we went with Sherry and David to the nursing home for the last time until we come back this way.  Mama is happy and okay with things.  We talk nearly every day anyway, and Debby and Carol are around to make sure she has what she wants.  I think it will be fine, and it didn't seem too sad.

We then went to David's Catfish and met Debby and Tom.  The six of us had a great time visiting and laughing - 3 cousins and their husbands, some of whom had never met each other.  I sure wish we could get together and do that more often, but that may not happen again - that particular group in that particular town.  Maybe somewhere though.

The trip to Andalusia was nice.  David had never been there.  Sherry and I knitted in the back seat - one project a whole lot more ambitious than the other.

Mine is a sweater for Rusty the doll (who will not appreciate it), and Sherry finished one of her socks using a self-striping yarn.  Makes me want to try socks again.

In our many conversations about food this week, caramel cake came up more than once, namely Dean's Cake House caramel cakes.  When we got to Andalusia, we took the Snowden Drive route, thinking we might catch them open.  Unfortunately, they were closed.  But it still didn't stop the conversation - and drooling over the thoughts of caramel cake.

At lunch, Debby gave us some ideas of places we could look in Montgomery and made some phone calls.  She ended up finding one in Brantley at Dixieland Foods, which we would never have seen just driving through.  They had only one left though.   It was touch and go for a time, since there was a broken down car-carrier truck that slowed the traffic down.  We were afraid we were going to have to get a police escort to get us to Brantley before they sold it.  

It was worth the chase.  Mike skidded to a stop in the parking lot and rushed in yelling for that last cake - or something like that!  I think the lady had actually kept it for us.  

On the way home on Southern Boulevard, we saw something unusual.  Pie salesmen.  These nice-looking guys were out on the corners at the lights offering pies for sale.  We couldn't tell what they were, but one looked like pumpkin.  

Once home, we checked on the left-behind kitties and took Bentley for a walk.  

He saw the stroller and was excited at the possibility of getting out.  He's so beautiful.

The afternoon sky was beautiful, but it was chilly!  We didn't make it too far before we turned around and came back.  

Nicholas and Finnegan preferred to stay in the motor home and sun.

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