Monday, December 28, 2015

Mimi and Pop Pop's House

As promised!  Doll bunk beds.

Once I found these in the attic, I knew I had to fix them up for Graysen and Katherine. 

 Any mention of new toys gets the response from Emily and Ryan:   To go in Mimi and Pop Pop's house.

And so it will be.  Beds for Rusty and his new unnamed sister.  Then Katherine's babies as she gets old enough to tuck hers in.

I bought this fabric last summer with thoughts of making 2 quilts.

Because of lack of time, we just wanted a quick fix and will go back and do better when we have time.  

Mike did a good job on the painting and will come back later and retouch it and put in newer screws.

I just made the sheets from the pink and decided to do a blanket from Minky fabric and the main print.

The pillows are cute but maybe a little big, and I'll go back and make those smaller - maybe - later.  Since I had packed all the batting, they're stuffed with other fabric for now.

I tried doing a little turquoise (for Rusty) since the fabric had some in it, but I'm not happy with it.  The pillowcase is cute and will do until I figure out something else. 

I'm glad we made ourselves take on this project when we didn't need to start anything new.  It will be worth it to see Graysen's face when she sees it - in Mimi and Pop Pop's house.

Two more attic finds:

This little high chair is so tacky it's kind of cute.  I'll probably leave it just the way it is, complete with Cabbage Patch stickers on the tray.

This is the high chair all 3 kids used, bought for the baby who is 44 years old today.

It's in good condition, if a little whole lot dated.  My choices then were yellow or black, and now I wish it were black.  I picked out the color, but my co-workers gave it to us.  Earlier this year, we didn't see it in the attic and figured it got thrown away, so we threw away the tray that went with it.  Just as well; painted black with the hardware off, it will make a nice booster seat for - guess where - Mimi and Pop Pop's house.


  1. We have the black high chair. It matched our dining chairs. . There is a Hitchcock furniture restorer in NY. He does beautiful work and gives lots of tips. I'd like to restore mine for our hypothetical grands.

  2. Really!? I've never seen another one like it. When did you buy yours? I do remember that the gold on black was really pretty. It held up well through 3 children. I like that the seat and foot rest were stained instead of painted - and the tray too, if I remember. You should restore it and get a head start.