Saturday, December 26, 2015

Cat Stowaway

We had this sofa and this cat.

They are both old and familiar and comfortable, and we planned to take them with us.  Then we measured and pondered and finally decided it would be impossible to make an 8-1/2 foot soft look good in a 12-foot wide living room.

Stella, we figured, would look fine in any room.

So we advertised, and a nice lady wanted this sofa as well as the living room one.  She sent 3 strong men to move them, and they were perfect - quick, no-nonsense, manly men who had them loaded in about 5 minutes.

Just as this last one went on, I heard lots of noise - mainly screaming - and went out to see what the problem was.  We had vacuumed and tried to make sure nothing was left under either one of them.  All of them were holding their hands over their hearts and bent over, and I couldn't imagine what had them so upset.  One of them said, "Cat.  It ran that way."

Poor Stella, hearing strange people in the house, had crawled up into the lining of the sofa, her favorite hiding place, and subsequently got carried out by the big strong men.  As they lifted it up on the truck, she made her escape and ran toward the back yard. putting a pretty good scare into them.  One of them wondered if she had kittens in there.

Poor thing.  She still has not appeared.  I'd better check those dresser drawers when it goes out.


She's back!  She was sitting under the car in the driveway.  She's inside now and only a little grumpy.

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