Tuesday, November 3, 2015

I think it was worth it

Mike left Thursday morning in the Big Yellow Truck with probably half of our possessions headed to Snoqualmie.  Probably if he had listened to anyone, traveling 2000 miles alone the week after finishing radiation and chemo was not a good idea.  But who's listening.  The idea was to go ahead and move everything, and then we couldn't change our minds,

This was the size truck he decided on after a lot of research and a lot of measuring and realizing the kind of truck he could reasonably handle.  It just took 2 laps around the Home Depot parking lot before he was gone, and I had to follow the best I could.

Mustard yellow seems to be our color lately.  This was a Washington-looking morning to be unloading at Uncle Bob's.  We'll miss Uncle Bob's - but not much.  We'll miss the monthly payments when we have to pay triple in WA.

This was the first backing-up trial, and he did it flawlessly and parked with the big boys at the storage lot.  I've seen worse parking with the little silver car.

There was more room in the truck than we thought.  There were 70 boxes and other items from the storage unit, and he took 3 of the heaviest pieces of furniture plus the Japanese maple that I couldn't leave behind.  We hired 3 people from a moving company to load it, and they did a wonderful job securing things and using the space well.

The trip took 4 LONG days and 3 nights on the road.  He stopped in northern Arkansas, Sioux Falls (where he enjoyed the company of Ryan's parents for a Chinese dinner and good conversation), and the last night in Montana, I think, or Idaho.  He got there fairly late Sunday night and then felt pretty rough yesterday, running a fever and having chills.

He has what he calls an 85% recovery this morning and is receiving the best medicine ever.  Here he's reading Graysen a book on fish - fish eyelids, fish eggs, daddies, mommies, babies, frog eating flies.  Fun, fun.  And it looks like a nice cozy fire to read by.

I have 25 different things to do this morning and am determined to get them done, so hopefully I will add some sewing pictures later and Halloween ones.  It's just hard to ever get pictures and thoughts together - and find the camera USB cord.  

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