Monday, November 30, 2015

Cupcakes with Sprinkles

Trying to think what to include in this journal and having the time to do it is just too much, so I'll concentrate on cupcakes right now.

I had found a bottle of Christmas sprinkles in Target right before I came here, and it was discovered early by Graysen, so of course the talk of cupcakes came up.

On Friday morning, Graysen and I went out on a mission - to buy cupcake mix to bring home and make cupcakes when Mama came home from work.  Fun!

Not much else could have sent me out in 29-degree weather.  I found that if I wear 2 pairs of socks, jeans and pajama bottoms, a cotton sweater and a windbreaker, I'm just fine.  I feel like a snowman, but I'm warm.

We set out on our usual path, picking up rocks and leaves and talking about sticks and grates and trees and planes, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cars, wheelbarrows - and much more.  The leaves were perfect for kicking and crunching.

We walked by the apartments on the way - the one with the American flag that's small and the one with the 2 red chairs.  She walked on the stone wall and took every set of steps she could find.

Inside the market, Graysen was soooo excited at getting to pick out her very own cake mix.  I found a set of 99-cent ones and let her take her choice; she chose German chocolate.  She carried it through the store, pointing out bacon, yogurt, cheese, carrots, broccoli, apples, and grapes, and getting thrilled at the sight of every one of them.  I love this age.  There were Christmas banners and Christmas displays to exclaim over.  She stood in line so patiently and let her cake mix box be put on the conveyor belt.  But one she got it back, she never relinquished it until we got home.

She would stop every block or so and squat down and study the ingredients and discuss eggs and clocks and measuring cups.

She reluctantly let it sit on the counter until Mama got home, and then we could get started.  She broke the eggs, poured in the water, and did the mixing.

 She put in the liners and picked out a special one for herself.

 Then came the sprinkles - the most fun.

We didn't do icing - to the displeasure of almost everyone.  I thought it would be good for them to not be TOO delicious.

Some random pictures that I have that don't need much explanation.

Wendy and Allen with their daughter Audrey spent the afternoon and had dinner with us.

 I didn't cook a thing - what a great Thanksgiving.  Allen made the hors-d'oeuvres - cheeses and crackers, bacon deviled eggs, and shrimp cocktail.  Ryan did the turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy, and green beans and Emily made the dressing and cranberry sauce.

Grandmama Windham's china.

 Being watched over by Jack the Cat.

Beautiful Audrey who will be a big sister Sunday.

 Graysen stringing beads with Aunt Wendy while Audrey does a little cooking.

And some park pictures.

She's encouraging another little boy here, giving him a round of applause and a "good job."

Today has been a cold stay-at-home sort of day except for Katherine who went to the doctor for her 6-month checkup and got 4 shots.  Glad I didn't have to go.  :(  You would never know it though because she's smiling and curious and just her usual sweet self.  Graysen is taking her long afternoon nap, so the grownups get some free time.

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