Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Autumn at the Nursing Home

The Lakeview Baptist Church Turban Ladies told me they were making Mama a basket to send her at the nursing home, so I went by to pick it up, and found a beautiful pumpkin basket just overflowing with goodies.

 This is a talented and dedicated group of ladies who meet every Wednesday morning to make turbans for cancer patients.  Bonnie, Barbara, Mary, Ann, and Joyce.  It was a small group that day with a lot of people missing.

I used to go more before my life became so complicated but am always invited and welcomed when I do show up.  They not only cut, sew, and deliver the turbans, but some of them crochet beautiful hats and share those with cancer patients and anyone who could use them.  In the foreground is an adult bib to protect the clothing of hospital and nursing home patients, of which they sent Mama 5 or 6.  I need one of those myself and might have to borrow that one on top.

She was thrilled to get the basket and kept finding more and more treasures.

Here she is modeling one of the bibs.  She took one to a friend and is enjoying the others.  Before, she would have a towel to protect her clothes, and half the time it would slip to the floor during the meal.

 This is a really nice double-sided throw to keep on her recliner or at the foot of her bed.  It really comes in handy lately with the cooler weather.

I'll get a picture of Mary's beautiful hand-painted card when I go Thursday and add it here.

Debby went with me last time and helped me get Mama's winter clothes unpacked and in the closets and drawers.  I needed that!  She took Mama a beautiful fall wreath for her door.

Prettiest one in the nursing home!  Mama says everyone comments on how pretty it is.

We just got back from a wonderful 4 days at the beach, and it couldn't have been more perfect - except for maybe more fish biting.  I have way too many pictures to sort out and help me remember this trip but no time right now.  

I did a little embroidery before I left.

I used the free circle from Applique Market and a monogram from Monogram Wizard.  So easy.

Funny thing - this project took about 15 minutes, but then I started a fall one with a little appliqued pumpkin, and was almost finished when I caught the elastic in the stitching.  I was watching it and stopped the machine, but when I started to snip the mistake, the whole thing popped out of the hoop, and I was not able to match the position again.  SOOO frustrating.  I'm taking it out though, every last stitch, and will do it again.  

I think Graysen will like this Cinderella pumpkin coach.  This is from Applique Corner.  I didn't put an initial on it because I know Kate will want to wear in in a couple of years.  Although Kate does need some monograms of her own.  I'll get busy on that.

This style of embroidery from Urban Threads interests me, and I'm working on getting the color combinations just right. These are on waffle weave dish towels.  They started out white once upon a time but got washed with something orange and turned out the nicest pale yellow color.  I could never duplicate that color again.

I love the leaves but am still trying to like these cornucopia ones better.

Beach pictures later - but soon - before I forget the details.