Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Sweet Baby Ray

I just got this video, and I have to record it here because I never want to forget this baby's sweet voice.

It was nice to buy gas today and see this amount.

When I was in Joann Fabrics this morning getting some buttons and stuff, I saw that they had a princess section.  I should have taken some pictures, but none of it appealed to me - kind of gaudy and stiff.  I wasn't tempted to buy anything, but I saw this little Snow White costume.  I picked it up and noticed that it was a bib, or something that fits like a bib - plus little socks.  I mainly got it for Graysen so Baby Kate can also be a princess.

I went to Old Navy too, looking for a plain navy shirt to put a tiger paw on - but instead found Graysen bunches of sweet warm things for the winter.

I called Emily, and she got on the Old Navy website.  I couldn't find the things she was talking about, and she couldn't find what I was talking about, and it was fun confusion for awhile.

I brought home several things to try, but these are my favorites.

Poor Kate just never gets anything new.  She has drawers and drawers and a closet filled with clothes to grow into, some of which are going to have Graysen's name or monogram.  I need to see if I can take out those stiches and change some of them.

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