Tuesday, September 1, 2015

September - My Month

I've been waiting for September 1st since about the end of June.  Once September gets here, I can count on cooler (bearable) mornings and evenings at least and the promise of those fall days I love so much.  And it's my birthday month.

For the second day in a row, Mike and I have gotten out early and walked.  Yesterday we only went a little piece and stayed close to home.  There was a little mist hitting our faces, and we remembered that day we were caught in a cloudburst on the next block.  It was enough for the first time.

Today we went a route we hardly ever walk - the same route we use when we drive into and out of the subdivision.  Around the first corner, our subdivision ends and the next one starts - and the sidewalk ends.  I've been noticing this for 10 years, and I love this spot for some reason.

We were amazed at how several of the houses we had never noticed from the car - like this one.

As you turn the corner, your eye is drawn to the house next door to this one because there are always flags or seasonal decorations in their front yard, and this house just never gets noticed.  It's good to slow down and notice details.

Unfortunately, Mike becomes the lawn police and tut-tuts over almost every lawn, pointing out weeds and being altogether smug about it.  See, THIS is what happens when you have trees.

I took my coffee onto the patio and enjoyed the coolness and little breeze while I started a new book that Debby loaned me yesterday.  

This is definitely a beach-reading book, but I needed something light after the dark and serious ones I've read lately.  It's just what I need -- Nantucket, sailboats, drama in the first paragraph.

I just finished Gone Girl and wish I had not read it.  I enjoyed Stephen King's 11/22/63 more than I thought I would, but his books are not exactly light reading.

I've rediscovered Overdrive.  I knew it existed but had forgotten to explore it.  After taking a list of around 50 books to 2 nearby branches of our library and finding only 2 of them (and not wanting to drive downtown to the big main library), I looked at it again.  It's really exciting, although the data base is small.  I downloaded one book and read it on my computer and now have an audio that I can listen to on my phone when I go to Andalusia this week.  It;s very user friendly.  You can reserve books and get an email when they're available - which I did seamlessly last night.  I have enough on my wish list - more than enough - to last me for months.

Sewing is just slow right now.  I want to do it but just can't get in the mood.  I started a post the other day about making Graysen a Cinderella dress for Halloween, and I'll go ahead and include that one too.  I did one sleeve and half of another one, and this is enough to give me incentive to work on it more.   Such cuteness.

Using a size 3 pattern, I'm having to adjust it a little for Graysen's body.  The size 3 measured 12 inches across the front, and Graysen is only 8.5 to 9 inches.  It will work out, and she'll be thrilled no matter how it looks - as long as it's blue and white and shiny.

These are the choice I found for sewing down the front of the bodice.

All of a sudden Blogspot won't let me add pictures, so I'll stop now and pat myself on the back for at least writing something.

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