Sunday, September 13, 2015

Second Week in September

Nothing happening worth writing about, except life, but I'm going to anyway.

We just got back from a 6:30 a.m. walk which was very pleasant and just on the verge of being chilly.  I felt Stella's fur when she came in from her morning outing, and it was cool, so I did wear long sleeves.  

This has been a week when I did not get motivated to do anything.  I did finish the Cinderella dress except for hemming and can get that in the mail.  

Here are our hummingbird visitors to the breakfast room window.  There is a tiny one, a baby, who sometimes just comes and sits on the perch without drinking.

Mike finally pulled up the zinnias that attracted them in the first place.  We'll miss seeing all the beautiful butterflies. 

These pictures were on Facebook, but I thought they were sweet, 

 Mike caught this little deer looking for who knows what at a neighbor's house.  Poor thing was so scared.

On the medical front, Mike got one more chemo done with 4 more to go.  Radiation, however, turned out to be 3 treatments instead of 5 since Monday was Labor Day, and the machine was broken Friday.  

We met Kathy and Alan for lunch after they both had appointments at nearly the same time.  We went across the street to Chappy's Deli and got there before the lunch menu was available so enjoyed a nice breakfast and good conversation.  

That's about all I can squeeze out of the week's news except for a visit to Andalusia on Tuesday to the nursing home and a fun lunch with Debby.  

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