Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Rain and other happenings

It's been so long since it rained, I think of it as a really big deal.  I woke up yesterday morning to low rumbles of thunder, and it proceeded to rain off and on all day.  In fact, I went to sleep with the sound of rain falling.  So nice.

Mike had radiation at 9:30, so I went with him so we could run a few errands.  We went to Fresh Market across the street, and it's always such a treat to go in there.

Beautiful but simple display inside the front door.

Another year I might have gotten excited about the pumpkins and things and brought home a few, but not this year.

I've added just a few things to get into the fall spirit and put up the summer things.

The front door wreath had seen too many autumns and was looking shabby, so I got rid of it and brought the back door one to the front and called it done.

Along with some fall leaves in Granny Watkins' churn and a ceramic pumpkin.  

Across the street, Lauren and Elizabeth Ann have a cute door.

A few kitchen things that make me happy and feel fall-ish.

Things are coming and going lately.

Here is the spot where the piano used to be.  

It was a nice piano but never played.  We sold it to a piano company who picked it up yesterday and moved it.  Definitely much better than trying to sell and move it ourselves.

Now what to do with stacks and boxes of piano book and sheet music - some of them 60 years old.

 I imagine a lot of them will be thrown away, but I'll have to look one last time at the mean scribbles of my first music teacher when I didn't practice  please her.

When I went to look for them, I didn't have any of that music - already packed away, I guess, but I did have the sweet memories of Mrs. Turner, my piano teacher for only 1 year, my last year.  These markings were hers, which shows I did play music like this once upon a time.  Wish I had had her the other 10 years!

Not everything is going.  Some things are coming in.  Like the new Griddler.

We didn't know we needed this.  An indoor grill, a griddle (or both at the same time), a panini maker - and much more.

But one night during a steroid high sleepless night, Woot made Mike an offer he couldn't resist,  Half of the Amazon price for the same thing.  It is nice, although I haven't used it.  Mike has made several things, mainly sandwiches, that are really good.  He still won't say the word "panini" though without grimacing.

AND the Cinderella dress is finally on its way to Graysen, along with the hairband, a tiara, and some long white gloves.

I still love those little sleeves - although not the inside facing!  I'll do better on that next time.

I got busy and embroidered a couple of shirts for Graysen.  Aunt Kathy should not look at the Halloween one - fair warning.  Graysen likes 'piders but not ladybugs.

The little creature had eyes and a smile, I guess to make it look more friendly, but it was a disaster, so I took them off.  Except for one gray eye that resisted all my attempts.  It does look a little sinister with that one silver eye.

The monogram I love.  I had this little scrap of paisley fabric that went so well with the shirt, but it was so hard to pick out the right colors that I almost gave up on it.  It's really a little more pink that the picture looks.  The design was a freebie from Applique Market,   I can't remember where the other one came from.

 That's finally all.  I think I'll just coast the rest of the week.

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