Sunday, September 6, 2015

I Need a Fairy Godmother

To finish Cinderella's dress.

The picture is crooked, and some things are just basted on, but it is looking somewhat like something Cinderella would wear.  

I told Emily it was definitely going to be costume-y since I will probably be making another one in a size 4 next year.  She reminded me that it WAS a costume.

When I sew, I need to do nothing but sew.  When I interrupt myself, something is always going to go wrong.  I did the bodice first and was going to do the bodice lining next.  I found out I couldn't find any of my interfacing and was waiting for the best sale at a fabric store to get it.  In the meantime, I did the sleeves. 

There were so cute I had to try them out to see how they were going to look.  And then I sewed them on.  That line of sequins was harder than I thought to sew on and look straight, and that Sassy Satin ravels like crazy.

Once I got the sleeves on, I then did the little bustle thing and looked at the directions and noticed that I was seeing a lined bodice.  Oops.  I had forgotten to sew the lining to the bodice before putting in the sleeves.  No way was I going to take those sleeves off, so I settled for just putting a facing at the neck, and I'll Velcro the back opening.  It's going to look awful on the inside - but it's a costume!

I could use a fairy godmother for medical issues too.  We get a break tomorrow because of Labor Day, but then Mike has an oncologist visit on Wednesday, 4 radiation treatments and chemo on Friday.

And Mama has hurt her arm somehow.  She was in so much pain she didn't read the Sunday paper today, so I know it has to be serious.  I'll be going down there Tuesday in hopes of meeting with the physical therapist or her doctor and nurses to see what's to be done about that.  

Then Stella/Molly the cat has a kidney infection or obstruction or something.  She is a very quiet and unobtrusive cat, so when she wet the American Express bill that was on the den floor yesterday, we knew something was up.  She was headed for Mike's shoes, but I got her to her litter box in time.  She is showing all the symptoms, and I feel so sorry for her.  I'm hoping to wait it out tomorrow and take her to the vet early Tuesday morning.  If she's worse tonight or tomorrow, I'll see if there is an emergency vet number or an emergency clinic.  She seems fine as long as you hold her and pet her, but we're afraid to leave her alone in the house.  

I'm looking for my magic wand to take all my troubles away.  

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