Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tyiing up loose ends

Or just aimlessly wandering around sometimes.

Mike has the grass all cut and the yard looking nice, so he moved the furniture out of the breakfast room and sunroom/sewing room for mopping.`

Just like a golf course - his words - but it is beautiful lately.

That made me decide I needed to clean up my sewing area, so I spent some times organizing embroidery thread.

Then I cleaned the embroidery hoops of all the goop that's collected on them from the spray adhesive.

They're hanging on a wooden coat rack that belonged to Mike's dad.  It comes in handy in the sewing room for all kind of things.

I did a lot of little jobs like changing the sheets, doing laundry, and labeling a few more boxes for storage.

I finished the elastic on the Raggedy Ann sleeves and got her ready to go back in a box.  We Skyped with Graysen, and I showed her the doll.  She wasn't scared but couldn't quite figure her out.

I packed a little bit more.

Talked with my supervisor about paid time off and leave.  I can't get a leave without an emergency, but she thinks she can fix it so I can have a week off unpaid after my PTO runs out.  I didn't even think anyone would notice if I was gone.  I know it sounds good to think I can have a few hours to work up there, but in the midst of new baby, toddler, laundry, trips to the park, etc., any free time I have, I feel like I'll be wanting to sleep.

Speaking of toddlers, here is a special relaxed one.  Those are G's on the side of the bathtub in case they are not clear.

When we ask her where Baby Sister is, she goes and hugs her mom's tummy - but then that's it.  Not much interest otherwise.  And why would there be?!  I'm glad I'm going to be able to see her first reaction to the baby.

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