Thursday, May 21, 2015

Nursing Home Day

I tried to find something interesting about yesterday to write but never did.

The best thing I saw was Murray lying half on and half off the couch.  I'm not sure how he balanced, but by the time I got the camera, he had moved.

The first picture where I was sneaking around the corner is blurred, but it's the closest I got to his first position.  He then saw me, got up and stretched and fell back down to sleep some more.

He really is a sweet kitty.

Speaking of kitties, Sherry and David have left on their trip to Colorado with 3 of their babies.  For those adventures, here is her blog.  Three weeks of traveling.  I'm so envious.  But maybe not envious of a carsick kitty.

Well, I guess cats is all I have to offer today.

It's nursing home day, so I'll make the nearly 2-hour trip to deliver Mama's week's worth of snacks and things she's asked for.  Then I'll come home this afternoon and probably go straight to bed.

We got another carload of packed and labeled boxes to Bob's yesterday and brought home some chairs for the yard sale.

Today is Emily's last day of work before the baby comes, and she's more than ready to get off her feet.  And I'm more than ready to be up there.  

I got a sweet grandmother card from my friend Barbara.  It's hard to believe it's almost time to see this new one.  

We ate the first zucchini from the little vegetable garden.  Yummy.

I'm struggling to find thing that made yesterday interesting, but I like slow-paced days.  We did have a bunch of wind and rain that lasted a little bit.  Exciting.

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