Tuesday, May 26, 2015


So much for this blogging.  I even make notes to help me remember everything, and I never take time to even open my computer or phone except to work.

Briefly so I don't forget everything.

Flight from ATL to Seattle was okay.  Mike took me to the airport and walked me to the security check.  I think he thinks I'll get lost.  But it is nice to put off making decisions until I have to.  For some reason, no one was having to take off anything or pull things out of bags.  In fact, this guy was yelling, "Nothing out of your bags.  Nothing.  I repeat, nothing out of your bags.  If I see you touch your bags, you will be sent to the back of the line."  So that was easy.

Waiting was okay.  I was between a couple of people headed back home to WA and a couple from Mobile headed to Juneaux for him to fish.  So we chatted a little back and forth.  My seatmates, though, were not so compatible.  About normal, I guess.  It was a couple about my age.  The guy helped me put my bag up, but the lady glared at me and never once muttered a word or even acknowledged me.  I like no conversation, but I felt like she hated me for sitting there.  They were either writing gospel songs or speaking on tongues; I could never quite hear more than a monotonous singing and muttering.  He had his computer open the WHOLE trip, and she went to sleep, so my thoughts of at least standing up and stretching or going to the bathroom were bound to disturb them, so I just sat there and was miserable after a couple of hours.  I may have slept a little but not much.  I forgot my book, didn't want to crochet, and there was nothing but clouds to see out the window.  Finally with an hour left, everyone got up and moved around, so that revived me, and the rest was fine.

Emily picked me up, and that was also quick and easy.  I've never seen her 8-1/2 months pregnant, so that was fun.  She's still cute but with a big tummy,

I was wondering how Graysen would greet me, if she would remember me, and I would love to have a video of our meeting.  She was napping but just waking up when we got there.  Emily went up and told her Mimi was here.  As I went up the stairs, I heard her say, "Peek a Mimi,"which is what we do on Skype.  When she stepped out of her room, I think she thought I was going to be on the phone or Skype, but when she saw me standing there, she screamed at the top of her voice and started jumping around.  I didn't get a hug for a little while because she had to show me things, but that was the BEST greeting.

I'm supposed to be working, so I''ll write more later and have bunches of pictures already.

Emily and I are going to take Graysen to the library story hour tomorrow.  Mike is going to be here days after tomorrow.  And then it's Baby Day.  We're working out how we're going to handle visit, etc.

I here a chatterbox coming up the stairs to tell me about Skyping with her other grandparents.

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