Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Morning

Maybe just a sentence or two at a time won't be so overwhelming.  There is too much going on to have time to write about.

So just pictures from a peaceful Sunday morning.

These are the first things to appear in the little backyard flower bed.  We may go totally herbs this year.

Parsley and rosemary.  I planted a little basil plant last week behind the parsley.

And the clematis that we gave up on last year.  It got trampled so much by Darby looking for lizards that it never got started.  It looks healthy and ready to climb if we can protect it.

Minimalist gardening this year.  Just to make things look a little better and not get this vegetable bed overwhelmed like last year.

Three tomato plants, 1 red pepper, and a group of zucchini.  That will take over the whole end of the bed.

We're trying to re-crate train Darby in the anticipation that someone will look at our house.

She's doing well in it.  She would prefer being stretched out on the tile floor snoring, but she does stay for extended periods of time in here.

But it has been taken over this morning by Murray.

Funny how cats find little favorite places.

I wish my sewing chair was not Stella's favorite place.  She is obsessed with it and throws off any towels I use to try to protect it.  I mean she is ALWAYS there.

And does not like any other suggestion on where to sleep.

Okay, I did it.  Just a few sentences and we're off to church.

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