Wednesday, March 11, 2015

It can only be downhill now

The reason I've not written in so long is not because life was so boring that I had nothing to write about but that there was too much happening to even comprehend, much less write about.

February 6th, we moved Mama into Andalusia Manor nursing home.  It was a long time in the works and a busy and anxious time making it work, but amazingly it seems to have been a great decision.  I'll take some pictures Thursday when we go down there of her nice room - with 2 closets and a large bathroom.

I've spent hours and hours on paperwork, Medicaid interviews, VA office visits, filling out VA forms, making lists, and checking things off.  All along, I've had the excellent support of the admissions director, Kendall.  She has held my hand, advised, reassured, calmed my doubts, and just been a good friend all the way.

More about the Manor and Mama's new home next time.

I don't even know where to start on this house and our plans to sell it and move to Washington.  Such a far-fetched idea and huge dream.  We've worked over the years on removing wallpaper and repainting, but it's finally come to a glorious end, the painting and de-wallpapering, that it.

I'll try to find all the before and after pictures to compare later.

This is where we are today.

Just to the right is my temporary bed where I slept last night.  If we work hard enough, I should be able to sleep more comfortably tonight.

I brought my work station into the den and worked there last night.  I enjoyed it, but it doesn't do much for the looks of the house, so I'll go back down the hall tonight.

Mike took up the carpet from 4 bedrooms, 6 closets, and the hall.  Very strange-looking.

The bathtub.  Looks like that might have been more comfortable to sleep in than the couch

When my work area is cleaned out, the room looks so much bigger.  I might just make a sitting area there and move the desk.

More rolls of carpet ready to be thrown away.

I can't wait to get all this out and redo my sewing room.

Murray was hesitant about the new bare floors.

But he's a brave boy.

Not Stella though.  That's a far as her little paws would venture.

And the carpet arrives.  Pretty exciting.

I had to go take a peek at the padding.  Looking good and not a bad pattern.

I'm a little nervous to go look at the finished product.  I know it will be such an improvement - but what if I don't like it?

This house is not new, but it's about as updated as you can get with the wallpaper gone, all new paint, mostly new carpet and the older carpet cleaned.  New quartz counter tops, All woodwork, doors, thresholds repaired and painted - and that was a LOT of repairing and rebuilding.  All fans, vents, corners, and baseboards dusted.  Windows washed.  Tile floors cleaned and resealed.  Over the past few years, a lot of work has gone into reviving and beautifying the house - mostly Mike's - mine mostly arguing about paint colors and quartz patterns - and it's a job well done.  

Once the furniture is back in, we'll be ready to roll.  Or ready to entertain visitors poking around at any time, hiding clutter, and keeping things shiny and good-smelling.  

I wrote this Monday but (of course) misplaced my camera and then my charger in all the chaos), but the carpet is in, and we love it.  

These are pictures of the bedroom shown above (the alcove where I used to have my desk, filing cabinets, and printers.

I did have my favorite little love seat at the foot of the bed, which was fine and not really too crowded.

But now I like it so much better in this cozy little area.  I just need to add a floor lamp there.

It's really a pretty large bedroom now.  I hope it doesn't leave too much floor space.

As far as I know, Murray has never been on this piece of furniture, but the new setting makes it more appealing, I guess.

I think he approves.  He wouldn't open his eyes and look at me.

The realtor didn't come and won't until Saturday because she wants to take pictures, and it's been rainy.  Thank goodness!  We have a lot to do.  Andalusia tomorrow, so that will take the whole day.  Friday is for cleaning out the pantry and straightening up plus maybe planting some pansies in the pots on the front porch.

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