Thursday, January 29, 2015

Back Already

I'm going to plug away at writing down things from Christmas even though I can't remember half of what happened.

It was so nice this year to have Kathy and Alan come from Andalusia and Sherry and David from Chattanooga - by way of St. Augustine where they were visiting grandchildren.  It was a quick day for Alan and Kathy and full of lots of people and activity, but it was still good.  Lots of laughter and good memories.

Sherry and David parked their motor home in Wetumpka and came and went as they felt like it.  They had the 3 kitties with them, so we took Graysen to see them one day.  Unfortunately, she went to sleep and missed them, but we enjoyed visiting their neat little home on wheels.  It's really nice to have most everything they need and be able to drive all over the country.  Very comfortable.  I was impressed at the kitchen and how the space is used so cleverly.  Sherry even cooked the black-eyed peas for New Year's Day lunch and brought them over.  

Below are just a lot of pictures that I took - none of them very good - but it's just kind of the way it was that week.  

Even though Graysen is not present in this picture, it's representative of her playing.  I think she liked the little quilt I made her and dragged it around trying to wrap up her "Big Baby," as opposed to just baby that she brought with her.  The baby bottles were a novelty, and she enjoyed those. She still loves her beach chair from last summer, and we even kept the sand in the legs intact.  

A real hit was Mama's walker.  It wasn't only Graysen who was fascinated with it.....

It was pretty fun for Sammy and Sawyer too.

Those cute boys and their dad Roland.  I somehow didn't get a good picture of Natalie.  She and Emily were trying to make up for lost time and talking and chasing children.

Sawyer was quite good at stringing Graysen's new wooden beads.  There is one picture that I can't find that shows Sawyer putting them on the string at one end and Sammy busily taking them off at the other end.

Beads make good ingredients for cooking also.

Just a few little quiet moments in the midst of all the fun.

Aunt Kathy is showing her the proper way to apply stickers to her feet.  It took a little getting used to, but she learned to love airplanes and trains all over her body. I found a blue train in the shower after she had gone home, and it made me sad.

The weather in Alabama was warm enough for a long walk one day.

And lunch served outside on another.

I was so wanting to take her for her first carousel ride, but we kept on finding other things to do.  We went to the zoo one day, and Emily and Graysen went to Columbus to spend some time with Natalie and Roland and the "boyees" as Graysen calls them.

But on the very last day, we just did it.  Of course, by the time we got to the mall, she was asleep.

Emily finally had to wake her up and show her what was going on.  

Wow, lots of neigh-neighs.

We weren't sure if she would ride one because she is a little afraid of neigh-neighs sometimes.

I'm not sure she ever completely relaxed, but she didn't cry or complain and maybe even enjoyed it.  I think seeing Mimi appear and disappear every few seconds confused her, but it was a fun time.

The night before going home.  I was making the most of our time, knowing it was going to be a long time before seeing them again.  

That wallpaper behind them is GONE, and the whole room is painted Comforting - the same as the kitchen.

Last sweet look for Mimi before getting on the plane.  So sad.

There are still memories and pictures but just no time to post them.

The house is upside down with painting, organizing, making decisions, trying to get it ready to put on the market.  I think we're in for a whole bunch of work and exhaustion, but we're plodding on and trying to make this change happen.

Maybe some pictures of all the improvements Mike has done tomorrow.

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