Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Another St. George's Island Vacation

We had so much fun on St. George's last summer that we had really wanted to get back down there this fall.  A few things got in the way - like 7 weeks of chemotherapy and a major surgery and recovery.

But we made it in November.  Back to the Sea Turtle.  Good memories of good times.

Graysen and I spent a lot of time last summer on this porch while the others fished.  She would play in her pool and get so excited when a bicycle would appear or people would walk by.  It was such a special time for really getting to know her.

These stairs were not as hard to climb in the cooler weather - although not my favorite thing to do.

The ocean was as pretty as I've ever seen it - a clear blue and as calm as glass at times.

Too bad it was so cold.  This is as close as I got to the sand and water.


Mike did go down the first day and set up some fishing things.  He wanted to test the 10 and 11 foot rods he bought for Emily and Ryan.  I hear that "they will throw our line 90 to 110 yards," whatever that means.  Unfortunately, the chemo headache was there full force the whole time we were down there, and he didn't feel like trying it again.

The only way we could get outside without being too cold was to put on jackets and take walks around the area.  It felt like we were the only people on the island at times, but we would see people every once in awhile.  That sunshine is deceptive; it was COLD.

The landscape is different and interesting.

With a few man-eating plants.

I feel like the Sea Turtle is a little outclassed in our neighborhood, but it's exactly what we want and need.  It's roomy and clean with 3 bedrooms, and a large kitchen/living room/dining area.  There's a big deck on the back and a screened porch on the front.  It was perfect for 4 adults and a baby, but it seemed a little lonely with just us and no baby sounds.

This is the house next door.  I think it's beautiful but peeking out the window on a stormy night and seeing it in darkness is spooky.  That wind can really howl around the corners and shake the little house on stilts.

We really haven't explored the island too much outside The Plantation, which is a gated area.  We were too busy last summer, and we just didn't want to get out much this time.  We ate at a restaurant in Apalachicola on the way in and never left the island, just eating the things we took with us.

The first time we crossed this long bridge was in the early 80s with 3 excited children and a car top carrier with bubbles blowing behind us from some spilled dishwashing liquid. That still makes me smile.  More good memories.

I'd love for us to get a chance to go back again.

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