Monday, December 22, 2014

Almost Christmas

And I still have pictures from October I haven't posted.

There's a lot going on on Forest Edge this week, a virtual beehive of activity.

It mainly involves Mike who, even with a dose of chemo on Wednesday, has done 10 times as much as I have.

I had stripped all the kitchen wallpaper (first layer) as far as I could reach while he was in WA, but he came home and finished that, washed the walls, sanded them, caulked and repaired them.  All I had to do is pick out the color of the paint, which I didn't dwell on this time and am pretty happy with it.

Here are some before and during pictures of the kitchen.  The first picture is one I took when I was considering buying this house, and a few of them are after the new counter tops went on.  I just wanted to show that wallpaper in 3 different patterns that we've wanted down ever since we moved in.  Funny how so many people NOW say they liked it.  We didn't like it that well, although it wasn't totally offensive (like the bathroom wallpaper), and we want to sell the house so need a pretty neutral look.

I just noticed that the bar stools we replaced are almost exactly the same as those.

Three different patterns in the bay window area - quite a bit going on.

And this is happening now.

With the first  coat of Haze by Behr.

It truly is neutral, but I can add a little color with the valances and placemats, etc.

The realtor we talked to gave us some ideas and suggested we replace all the brass-colored drawer pulls and cabinet knobs with some with a darker finish.

This is some idea of the number of pieces we were looking at.

This is not even including the breakfast room and den.  At varying prices from $2.50 up to $10.00 and more apiece for hardware, we were looking at a major expense.  She told us about spray painting them with Rustoleum oil-rubbed bronze, and that's what Mike did.  

Nothing is where it should be in the den and kitchen, but this is how the painted knobs and pulls look now.

I can't believe it's taken me 3 days to get this done.  And no more time today.

These things WILL be written about over the next few days.  

Trip to St. George's Island.
Elise's graduation (and job).
Christmas decorations.
Cooking and sewing.
Any other pictures that I uploaded from my camera.

I did do something in a hurry for once that I'm so happy to have accomplished.

I bought this fabric last year with nothing in mind and did nothing with it.  I kept having the idea of a little quilt for Graysen in the back of my mind since she is learning so many new words and knows deer, house, tree, snowman - besides needing something to cuddle in at Mimi's house.

I found 2 fabrics that I liked, made a backing, and sandwiched the batting between the front and back.  I had a matching piece with little snowmen on it that I was going to do for a border, already cut into 4 equal strips, but somewhere between dragging the around to fabric shops and my disorganized sewing room, 3 of the strips disappeared.  It's fine though.  I probably couldn't have handled much more measuring.

I woke up unable to sleep at 3:45 this morning and headed straight to the sewing machine to start quilting.  I had to push one cat out of my chair and another off the ironing board, but I think they were glad of the company.  I did simple parallel-ish diagonal lines.  Not at all straight but just okay with me.  The binding went on fine for a hurried effort, and I have an overnight quilt that looks cozy already.  Can't wait to hear Graysen telling me what's on it.

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