Friday, November 28, 2014

Sweet surprises

It's the time of year when we're ordering more than usual, it seems, and while it's always nice to get those packages, sometimes there are surprises just for us!

Last week we received this mysterious and nicely wrapped package.

Maple syrup from Maine.  From Sherry and David.

David had been to Maine to visit his sister and brought this back.  I've been begging him to bring me a Maine Coon kitty, but this is the next best thing!  Much easier to take care of  - and take care of it we will!

Another package came today, and it was another sweet treat.  This delicious pandoro (or golden bread - pan d'oro) is from our friends Rosanne and Lou.  They gave us one last year when we were at their house, and we raved about it so much that they sent us another one.

That was our first taste of this Italian cake, and it was just amazing.  The flavor is hard to describe, and it's so beautiful.  We're going to enjoy it awhile in the beautiful packaging, but I'll take a picture when we open it.

The next pictures are surprises that we (or at least Mike) sent to Snoqualmie.  And Maple Valley and Belleview.

Tupelo Honey.  When we went to St. George's, we saw a lot of signs advertising Tupelo Honey.  We went through Wewahitchka but didn't stop and get any, but Mike ordered some when we got home.  This is the Snoqualmie reaction.  Graysen's first taste of honey.

Life will never be the same now.

Do I hear cat sounds in the background.  Must be Griff and Jack play/fighting.

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