Monday, October 6, 2014

This Week

Looks like I'm going to have to just list things and hope to find time to talk about them or post some pictures.

Mike had a pulmonary function test one day - Tuesday, I think.  He was able to have it done in Swedish in Issaquah instead of Seattle, so that saved us a lot of miles and time.

This is a beautiful hospital.  The first time we saw it was the day after Graysen was born, and it was really beautiful then!

Emily works just across the parking lot from the hospital, so she is able to meet us for lunch easily.

The test went well and quickly, and waiting for Emily was not problem, since there is a Starbucks right outside the cafeteria.

No problem at all.

We got the MRI moved up and went there Thursday (again, I think, the days just kind of flow together).  We have got this down now, driving to the hospital - or at least he has the driving part, and I have the riding part - without holding on too tight.  It's really very easy, and even getting home is easy when you know where you're supposed to go.

This was in front of us as we left Snoqualmie and headed to Seattle.

It's time to "go somewhere" so I'll add more later.  This always happens.

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