Tuesday, October 7, 2014


As I mentioned before, we were able to get to the place we were supposed to be with no trouble.  We got there in time to have lunch.  It was a beautiful sunny day - but chilly.  Emily had mentioned a Mexican restaurant and a sandwich shop across the street that were close by.

We decided on the Blue Water Taco Grill.

I'm not too adventurous with my choices and usually order cheese enchiladas, which I did, and they were about the best I've ever had.  Half the plate was lettuce, sour cream, and guacamole, and the best fresh-tasting salsa.  Yummy.  Mike had steak enchiladas.  We found it interesting to people watch - and people listen.  We hear a couple of different language up here, Russian and Chinese (or maybe several versions similar - we have no way of telling!) besides Hispanic.  The only negative was that the door was open, and I was freezing.  So what's new!  When we walked out into the sunshine, we decided it would probably have been warmer outside even with the breeze.  

The radiology department was in a building in the next block, and we found it okay.  Ninth floor, beautiful view - for me.  Mike went on in pretty quickly and was there for a long time.  He doesn't talk much about his "procedures," but I think it went well.

There were only a couple of people at a time in the waiting room, and I worked on my cross-stitch a little.  I did have an interesting encounter.  A man had been sitting across from the me whole time I was there, and I heard him tell someone on the phone that his wife was having an MRI.  She came out and almost lightheartedly mentioned that they would have to wait because they found that her lung had been punctured during her biopsy the day before.  

She was on the phone to various people, so I didn't pay much attention, but something later on got us talking, and she told me that she had just been diagnosed 2 days earlier after she had an "incident" at work.  A sweet pretty lady probably in her 50s.  Turns out she has lung cancer with metastasis to the brain, and they're figuring out how to treat the brain met first.

She was so comforting to talk to.  Even with her situation being much worse than Mike's, she was offering upbeat plans.  She gave me her name and the name of a book to read that had helped her so far.  The book is by Billy Graham, "Nearing Home."

Her name is Christine, and I'll never know what happens to her, but with that one encounter she is on my mind daily, and she has one more person praying for her.  She also took Mike's name for her church prayer group also.  

I truly wasn't expecting (nor was Mike) for me to get a hug in the waiting room in a strange town where I know no one.

Fox Hollow Farm next, then Salmon Festival, and then shopping with GG.

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