Sunday, August 10, 2014

Sunday Walk

Having been left at home by ourselves today, Mike and I took our morning walk into town.  We ended up at the grocery store and bought toothpaste and parchment paper.  This is some of what we saw on this cool sunny morning.

There are community garden spots that you can rent near Em and Ryan's house.  We love passing by there to see what people have done.  Some are lush and filled to the brim, and others have squash the size of watermelons because they've been forgotten.

I think it's interesting that Snoqualmie and Montgomery are pretty close to the same hardiness zone.  There are things grown here that I never see in the south, but some things do well everywhere - like squash!

Here are some raspberries.

 Pole beans, we think.  Some kind of beans on a nice teepee.
 Bunches of tomatoes, but Emily says they don't taste the way she's used to having them taste.
 We're guessing these are regular blackberries and on public property, so I picked a handful of the darkest ones, planning to have them for breakfast, but they were way too sour.  I'll try some more next week and see how they taste.

This big rabbit kept running across our path near the gardens.  I stopped to take some pictures, and he didn't seem to mind at all. 

 These were at the entrance to a service station.  
 And the view looking across the street as we walked.
 Mike has already discovered the library and gotten a temporary card.  We're going to try to take Graysen to the toddler story hour on Wednesday morning.  I think she will love being around other children.

 Beautiful hanging baskets on the street corners downtown.

 On the way home, we were surprised to see a Texas vine just like ours - much taller though.  I think it's a trumpet vine or something similar.

 This is the little sitting area where we sat a little bit.  There was a dog trainer's car at a house across the street from us, and we were wanting to see him/her come out, but we never did.

Tonight Mike and Ryan went fishing while Emily and I took Graysen in her wagon and Griff down that little secluded trail to the park.  It's so beautiful with the trees making a canopy and all the ferns growing that I kind of forget to be afraid.  I have a lot of pictures of that outing but too tired to upload them.

Mike felt good all day and had no symptoms except for minor heartburn.  I guess if he went walking and then fishing, he's not feeling that bad.  

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