Thursday, June 5, 2014

Vacation Day 2

I'm already so far behind I'll never catch up, so I'll see what I can remember from Saturday.  We did nothing special that morning except let Graysen explore and run around outside and chase the cats and Darby.

Gray and Stephanie came over for lunch, and we had a nice meal.  Graysen warmed right up to her aunt and uncle and kept us laughing.  We had the anniversary cake, but I don't think anyone took a picture of it.  They gave G a gift, which was pretty exciting for her to get into - pretty bag, pretty tissue paper, a NICE box, and best of all, a beautiful little baby pearly necklace.  So sweet and so special.  She wasn't in the mood to model it and so chewed the box up.

Late afternoon they all left, Gray and Stephanie back to Griffin, and Emily and Ryan to Andalusia to spend some time with Aunt Kathy and Uncle Alan.  I heard it was a wonderful visit, and we have pictures to prove it.  Maybe even videos if I can get them to work.

They had dinner at David's Catfish, an always popular place to go, and Graysen got to sit in the big chair.

There were lots of toys and things to explore at Kathy and Alan's house; they're always ready for children, and these cooking things really were a hit.

After I wrote this the other day, I soon became overwhelmed with things happening and pictures and fun and will just press "publish" anyway.  Maybe I'll sort things out soon.

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