Saturday, June 28, 2014


I decided to do the buttonholes after all.  Mainly because I needed to change from the buttonhole foot to a zipper foot, and I didn't want to do it twice.

And this time my machine worked perfectly. I don't love the buttonholes the Symphony makes, but these are fine.  And this time I measured better.  Once those cute little yellow buttons are sewed on, it will be perfect!

Then I got to have fun with the new sewing.  

I love piping.  It's lovely when it's done right, and I have struggled some, but I took my time and got this one done the way I wanted it.

Well, except it seems gathered more on the right than the left.  I probably won't take it out and do it again since it's a practice one, but I think I'll just put a few pleats in the next one.  They're supposed to be concentrated in the front anyway and left straight on the sides.  That's why it's practice, I guess.

We're missing a little Graysen time this weekend, but I don't mind.  She has South Dakota relatives visiting.  Ryan's brother and sister-in-law, Shane and Paula and the 3 BIG cousins, Isaac, Lizzy, and Becca.  When I first met them, they were just little kids, and they they're in high school or junior high.  

Yesterday they went to Seattle and went to Pike Place Market where Isacc got to catch a salmon - literally catch  - to bring home and smoke.  This is not him, but I found some random video of the fish-tossing ceremony.

They went down to the waterfront and to the Space Needle and I'm not sure where else - all the sites.  I've asked for pictures, but they'll probably be too busy to send any.  It's Snoqualmie Falls tomorrow and I think a ferry trip.  I'm a little jealous and ready to go back.

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