Thursday, June 5, 2014


I wonder sometimes what makes certain times in your life flash back and certain things you tend to forget.  I'm not sure I would remember this day in detail later on, but it has been as close to perfect as anything.

No matter how much planning you do, trips are never exactly like you imagined them.  This one has been actually better than I hoped, but there were things forgotten, rain and wind the first 2 days, lost glasses and a trip to an optometrist, and some baby grumpies.

While I load the latest 100 or so pictures from my camera to my computer, I'll try to recall what made it so sweet.

I think Mike, Ryan, and Emily were up before dawn to fish.  I can't keep up with them, but after breakfast all 5 of us went down and camped out for an hour or so.  I'll go look over the pictures and see how many I can resist putting on here.

Very few, it seems.

The last pictures were the sweetest 30 minutes of the week, I think.  First, Graysen had reached out her arms to me -- while her mother was holding her - a first.  We then went to her pool on the front screened porch which was warm from the sun and full of her morning's toys.  She was so thrilled to be there she just couldn't stop exclaiming about it and pouring water over herself.  There was a warm breeze blowing in the palm trees and birds singing everywhere. Every once in awhile someone would bike or walk by, but other than that it was silence except for the birds and the wind.   It was just the most peaceful time I've had in a long time.  

The beach doesn't interest me, but it was fun sitting there watching Graysen play in the sand and water or chase her when she tried to run to the water.  She was headed down the beach at a pretty good pace chasing a whippet today.  I got to see 2 sharks (shark) caught and thrown back.  Pretty scary.  Ryan caught some fish that we could eat, and he and Emily made a nice dinner last night.  They gone out tonight on a date night, and we're babysitting.  She was as sweet as could be and went to bed so easily.  Just curled up in a corner of her bed and didn't even whimper or fuss.

I hardly ever turn on my computer down here, and half the time my phone is somewhere I'm not.  I kind of like it that way.

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