Saturday, June 21, 2014

I'm already tired of summer.

Is it even officially here yet?

Even inside in air conditioning, just knowing it's steamy outside drains all my energy.

Those flower beds and garden I was so excited to plant in May have lost a lot of excitement for me, although I have to admit they still look pretty good and have provided us with lots of squash and tomatoes, 1 zucchini (?) and 1 banana pepper.  I like watering in the early morning and late afternoon and checking on everything.

I'll just dump everything in my camera and see what I have.

My first and only zucchini and first Roma tomato.

I sliced them, tossed them with a little olive oil and dipped them in panko and grated Parmesan and placed on a sprayed cookie sheet.

Added the tomatoes after 20 minutes or so along with a little salt.

So good!  I had to go buy more zucchini and make more and also did the same thing with the yellow squash I picked.

Baby cucumbers coming along.

Still not sure what to do with the edamame, but it's been interesting to watch them grow.

This is from a packet of seeds I planted.  Cosmos, I think.

Our tile countertops are a thing of the past, and I can't say I will miss them.

Mike has enjoyed himself a lot once he got the proper tools and would have even more fun if he could smash with abandon and not have to try to save the backsplash - which we decided we kind of still liked.

It was a hard job picking out a a replacement countertop, and I went from black/dark brown to almost white and then came back to a neutral color that has flecks that pick up the backsplash colors.  Hope it's not TOO dull.

It Zodiaq Quartz.  Savory on the left and Caraway on the right.

Caraway was the choice until I saw a picture of it on an actual countertop and didn't like the overall look of it.

The Savory I think will be just fine and a definite improvement.  Plus a new sink on top of it.

The sewalong I started before the beach had to be put on hold.  

I was deciding between the sailboat embroidery (faux smocking) and real smocking.

I really like both of them but decided on the sailboats.  I only lack the buttons and buttonholes and the bloomers to go underneath.

I lenghtened the top part a little but maybe should have left it alone!  I think the ruffles and piping turned out good anyway.  It was a great pattern to follow.

That's most of our June after the beach.  Still miss those days of seeing what Graysen was doing to do next to entertain us.

Pictures I got last nnight.  Before, during, and after a sneeze.

 Her parents and grandparents enjoyed it more than she did, although Emily says she loves to sneeze.

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