Saturday, June 28, 2014

Farmer's Market

I forgot to post this yesterday.  Not very interesting but it's good to remember a day when I cooked.

Whoever takes Mama to the beauty shop on Friday morning has about an hour to kill.  It's not worth it to come back home.  So this morning I thought it would be a good idea to go to the City of Montgomery Farmer's Market.

It's close to downtown, and we don't venture down that way much, so it was trial and error finding it, although it sits right there on Madison Avenue next to Crampton Bowl - like people told me. It was a madhouse of people and cars, though, and police had roads blocked off.  We just happened to run into the first day of filming of the movie, "Selma."  We saw the place where extras were directed to go, and we kind of thought about going there and checking on a role.  We saw what looked like extras walking down the streets.  We saw one young girl with big pink foam rollers in her hair and cowboy boots, and we figured she must be in the movie as an extra or was trying for a certain hairdo.  Not a look we see much anymore.

Apparently, no one told us that's it not open on Friday, and we didn't think to check the web site before we went, and it was closed.  But we did find it, and it looks nice, so we'll go back on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday.

We used our time to go to the farmer's market near the coliseum, and that was a good trip.  We found lots of friendly people and some good-looking fruits and vegetables as well as plants, which we didn't look at this time.

We found peaches, rattlesnake beans, and a seedless watermelon as well as some already shelled cream white peas and butterbeans.

We were gifted by our neighbor Gene across the street with nearly a dozen ears of corn - already shucked - is that the word?

I made creamed corn for Mama with 3 ears, but Mike might not have left her much.  It might be more chunked that creamed, but it tasted pretty good.

The rest he boiled for corn on the cob.

I had never heard of "rattlesnake" beans and don't much like the name, but they were delicious.

Nice supper and healthy too.  We had our meat for lunch, so this was strictly a veggie plate.
Funny our choice of plates.  I got the little one so it looks like I have more.  Mike got the big one - and did get more if you add a corn-on-the cob to the plate.

Debby and Tom came by for a visit yesterday and brought us a big bag of goodies from Panera for lunch - Italian sandwiches, roast beef, and flatbread with some macaroni and cheese for Mama.  They were on their way to a doctor's visit and didn't get to stay long, but we had such a good time.  We need to do that more often.

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