Saturday, April 12, 2014

Yard Work

When I bought this house after Mike moved to Texas, these are the pictures I sent him. 

Not really all that bad, and I just ignored the back area for years, having a yard person to cut the grass and planting some daisies and other flowers in the bed beside the door.   Looks like mainly rosemary.

Then we got the new patio done last year and a new look to the back.  It's still very much in progress, but we've started on it anyway.

This is what I brought home from Wal-Mart in a quick shopping trip last week.

A few vegetable, a few herbs, some annuals, and a couple of perennials (dianthus).  I grabbed a few more things at Home Depot Thursday, but I still don't know what to put in the huge pots we got last year.  I guess it will be clear to me one day.

Mike just dug out the flowerbed by the house and spared nothing except maybe an old rose that was there.  I planted 3 squash and 1 tomato (and realize the squash will be spilling out everywhere if they live.)  I did a few seeds next to the tomato and saved room for maybe a hydrangea by the patio.  

It's a start anyway.  And the flower bed under the crepe myrtle --

I have seeds and petunias there now, but it looks to be shady, so I'm thinking about a couple of hostas and a clematis.  Even with the grass short, the cat/dog path is clearly visible.

The reason for this brick-licking episode is known only to Darby, and she ignored me when I asked her why.  It's lizard season, and she kind of loses her mind this time of year.

While I'm waiting for a sign of what to put in the big pots, all the plants found a home somewhere but with no reason whatsoever.

Parsley with the verbena.

Marigolds and 1 tomato.

 Banana pepper and Thai basil.

Chives and petunias.

Sweet basil, rosemary, chives, parsley - and more petunias.

And the one squash in a pot alone.

It's going to take a little more work, but it's looking like a place I'd like to spend a lot of time this spring and fall - maybe not so much July and August because no one spends much time outside in Alabama in July and August.

Someone had sunshine in Snoqualmie, and I got some sweet pictures today.  

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