Saturday, April 26, 2014

Saturday Morning

I started working on this first thing this morning.  It's another faux smocking design, this one from Just So Pretty - watermelons.  Stitches nicely.

Mike worked on the pre-fab vegetable/flower bed.  Pretty neat looking and a great alternative to this hard clay soil.  The reason for the saw and other tools for a kit?  It may have been 3/8 of an inch lower on the back side than the front and had to be leveled.  Whatever----

Murray (renamed Tebow by Mama) kept an eye on both of us.

And the other eye on all that nice black dirt.

We need to get it filled before he takes it over as his own personal litter box.

This is the Children's Corner Frannie Baby that I've wanted to make a long time.  It has some tricky instructions, but I watched a video on the shoulder seams, and it worked perfectly.  I hope it's the right size for the summer; I'm loving those watermelons.

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