Friday, April 25, 2014

Loving April

I wonder if there is a climate anywhere that has weather this beautiful for more than a month without tradeoffs of freezing winters.  I think I would move there if there was.  It's cool enough to spend all day outside (if someone wanted to) and yet is warm enough now for plants to start growing and blooming.  The smell is delicious, and the pollen doesn't bother me.  There are day of sunshine but always the promise of a thunderstorm to keep things interesting.

I stood outside watering my newly planted begonias late this afternoon and felt like this is about as perfect as it gets.  I won't feel this way in a month when it starts getting warmer and the mosquitoes come out.

No picture of the begonias in the front, but these some backyard ones.  I like the red Mandevilla better than the pink.

I'm going to love this flower bed when the seedlings get bigger and fill in the spaces.

I did a little sewing this week.  I wanted to try out my new Monogram Wizard Plus and Baby Leah probably could use a couple of bibs.  She's 5 weeks old and such a sweet baby.

This is a different set of designs, and I love how this turned out.  That may be a little too close a look - noting where the iron leaked on one of them and the stray threads.

Graysen has shown an interest in cooking already, and with her dad being such a good cook, he wanted her to be able to cook and learn with him.

So he just built her a nice stool for helping - built it himself in a matter of a few hours.  Amazing job, Ryan.  It still needs to be painted and another step put on, but I like it just the way it is.

So now Graysen can use her red pots and pans to "help," and Jack can get a little bit closer to where the food comes from.

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