Thursday, March 13, 2014

Duty Sewing

There are some sewing-related things I enjoy doing and some I don't.  I think I have a problem with finishing.

So today I'm sticking with it and getting some things done!

First these two.

I got them for Graysen at a consignment sale for just a couple of dollars apiece.  I didn't like the pink thing, and the monogram was not hers, so I tacked the job of taking out the stitching.

 I've done plenty of stitch removing before, so I wasn't too worried about it, but I underestimated the density of those stitches and delicate fabrics.  It didn't make for a pretty finish, and I had a few nicks here and there.

I went ahead and tried my first monogram using my new Monogram Wizard Plus software - which I'm a little daunted by - and it did turn out okay.  I just misjudged the placement, and the letters didn't cover all I wanted them to.

It's just a swimsuit coverup, but I wanted it to be nice, so I started working on something to cover it all.  Most beach-related things I had were too large.  And I hate this smiling face.

But I found another slightly smaller fish (without a face), and am in the process of getting that done right now.

In retrospect, I should have either left the swimsuit alone or picked a bigger design.  It's lined, so I actually had to take out a seam and go under the lining.  WAY more work than it was worth.  And some of the pink still shows through.

But it you don't examine it too closely, it will be fine.  It's a jellyfish, by the way, with a touch of pink on his tentacles.  

These two dresses are next on the agenda.

Graysen wore the ivory dress Christmas, and it was really too short then, but with her growing an inch a day, it seems, it really needed lengthening.

The blue one is for the future, and I may not hem it yet - just get it hanging in her closet so it doesn't get forgotten.  It's been waiting for her for 3 years, so what's another year.  This was probably my best job ever, and I want to see if I can do it again.

So those are the main things I'm going to force myself to do today.  If I never post a picture of that fish, it will be because it didn't work!

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