Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Catching Up

I can never catch up with this blog.  I have such good intentions, but if I skip one day, then things start popping up in my mind that I need to record, and it all gets too much for me.

I've gotten to the point where I get stressed when I see that little orange blogger B anywhere.

So I'll have to go find where I unloaded my camera and see whats happened lately.

I did finish this little outfit.

I have to mail it off for sizing and approval.  It will be interesting to see whether these pants pass the (clown pants) test.  I wanted them to be capris, but the pattern didn't have a measurement for them - only shorts and regular length pants.  It's hard to gauge when the inseam is only 9 inches!

I love the pattern.  It's Children's Corner Parker's Pants.  There are so many options that I can see using it over and over if the fit is right.  I'm going to make some seersucker shorts next.

My cleaning out of the filing cabinet is ongoing, and I decided to weed my cross-stitch patterns.  I love cross-stitching.  There is almost nothing you can do to mess it up, and I've done thousands of stitches through the years.  I guess with machine embroidery it kind of became not as popular, but my favorite thing lately is to get a movie on my laptop and stitch away.  Two birds and all.

I did this bread cloth because it makes me think of spring.

Adding a little knitting too, trying to perfecting our dishrag pattern so it's not all wonky at one corner.

The good thing about bread cloths and towels is that when you're finished, you're finished.  There's no worry about more sewing or the expense of framing.

This old book has several towels that are beautifully detailed that I want to make.

I started this for a sweet friend who likes roosters in her kitchen.

I've used up all my time, and there are so many pictures I just uploaded from my camera.

But first a good-bye.

This old friend is 20 years old and has been very faithful.  

I can't think of any repairs that have had to be made, and we've moved it 6 times.  Several of those years involved having college kids bringing home laundry - loads of it - and never a protest.  Once I did some googling and realized the problem was a motor one and that we were not willing to take it on ourselves or pay for an expensive repair, we decided to get another one.   Another Whirlpool, naturally.  I can't believe how easy it is to buy an appliance.  Research.  Decide which gadgets I can live without.  Compare prices and shipping costs, etc.  Go to the Home Depot web site and fill out the information, and it's on it's way.  

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