Saturday, March 15, 2014

A Little Saturday Progress

I got up determined to get something done to show for my day today.

I've done all I can on the beach outfits.  Since they are not likely to be worn much unless they come south, I'm okay with it.

I found some cute play clothes yesterday, including these little coral-colored bloomers.

I had a yellow T-shirt and these wonderful fabrics.

And managed to end up with this.

Pretty exotic-looking elephant!  It's still wet, but I'm overall pleased with it.  That color was hard to match, and I didn't have a thread color close enough.  I had colors on either side of the the pink and orange family but none that would work, so I had to take a trip to the fabric shop and luckily found a close match.

The next one was as easy as the above one was difficult.   

Maybe with a bow?

So sweet.

I almost finished my rooster staying up late to watch Season 3 of Parenthood.  I finished it up this morning and started on the chicken part of the set.

Mike has been busy too - other than being on call for non-opinions on my thread colors and trying to get through the sewing room without being asked about something.  He's spent the day cutting the grass, hauling crepe myrtle limbs to the street, and smoking a pork loin (with an 80/20 mix of hickory and cherry wood.)  I'm sure I have that wrong, but it smells really good and will be nice to have barbecue after a hard day of sewing.  

Ladders and paint are still all over the living room and dining room, but one room is finally finished.

From this.

To this.

I didn't realize how gloomy that wall paper was.  The Toasted Marshmallow paint color makes it much brighter.  

I'm determined not to spend any money on "things" for the house, so I repurposed a den lamp and a dining room flower arrangement and found a $10 rug on Amazon that will do.

I just realized that I didn't put birthday pictures here for Graysen's first birthday.  She had 3 parties - one early with her friends Mila and Owen, one at home with mom, dad, and fopa with me on Skype, and one at the home of friends in Bellevue, Ro and Lou.  They know how to give a party, and this one was so perfect.  She shared it with the hosts son PJ who was 26, but I think pink dominated.

Guests of Honor.

They call her Cookie (or Cookie Monster when she's grumpy), so it was fitting that she have a Cookie Monster Cake.  

And one of her very own. 

She's a very serious cake eater, and after her third cake in 2 weeks, she had no problem knowing what to do.

Her gifts included an orange and blue car and her own pony.

Really not sure about that pony!

Sweetest 1-year-old I know even if she didn't have any smiles for the camera that night.  Teething and a bout of separation anxiety plus being the star of the show kind of intimidated her.  

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