Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Morning of Discovery - Sheets and Keys

A few weeks ago I lost my car keys.

We looked and looked.  For many days, we searched what we thought was every corner of the house.  I usually leave my keys and/or purse or bags or whatever in the kitchen on a bar stool.  Secondarily, I might go straight to the bedroom or stop in the sewing room if I have shopping bags.  So we covered those 3 rooms to no avail.  We had just been cleaning out cabinets in the kitchen and figured they had gotten thrown away.

So we spent the money for a new whatever - computer opener and key.  It hurt to do that, but pretty much all hope had gone.  So I stopped looking for them.  But this morning when I changed sheets, and pulled out the bottom sheet, out they popped, right into my hands.

This is not a normal foot of the bed.  I had trouble with the pillows getting down between the headboard and the mattress and having to fish them out all the time.  So I wedged an extra pillow between the mattress and the foot board.  Not beautiful but works great, and the comforter covers it.  Too well.

I've changed the sheets since I lost the keys several times and never saw them, but I don't always wash the mattress pad, and removing that is what forced them to pop up.  Glad to find them but aggravated we had to buy new ones.

That's not my Skymiles card on the keychain.  I feel like every mile I've flown is a thousand, but I'm not a Million Miler yet.

It turns out the old opener had broken, so Mike had glued that card to it to keep me from losing it. 

I think I'll just change my Tiger Eyes to the new set.  After I lost my keys, Mike also ordered something for me with this beautiful name:  Click 'n Dig.

It really works though.  I keep the remote in a kitchen drawer, and if I press the blue button, it makes the little blue thing beep.  There is another red one that we need to use.  It's another thing to carry on a keychain, but I wish we had had it last month!

As if that weren't enough discovery, I noticed a neat thing on the fitted sheet when I was putting it on this morning.

What a great idea.  These sheets are nothing special, just some that I liked at Target.  They have these crazy double elastic corners that make them fit like a dream but also make them look square when I start looking for which is the top and which is the side.

This will probably save me a few minutes every time I change sheet, but I'll take it any day as opposed to the trial and error method of putting on one corner and finding out it's on wrong.

I have more things, but I have a full afternoon, so I'll save the birthday pictures and the cousin pictures for tomorrow.

Mike gets to babysit early in the morning, so he always sends me a few pictures or videos.  I love it.  This is what I got this morning.

Just waiting for Graysen to wake up.

 Only Fopa could get a smile big enough to show those front teeth.

Sweet mama friends - Niole and Emily - with future friends Graysen and Dereck.  I think he's about 5 months old.

Playing with a birthday balloon.

Squeezing Jack.

 This neat drawer pull is one day going to do something interesting if she pulls it hard enough.

Teaching Griff some new words.

Being pensive over breakfast.

These mornings with Graysen are precious, and I know he hates to leave tomorrow.  I imagine Ryan and Emily will hate not having a little extra sleep in the mornings.  I hope my turn is soon!

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