Thursday, January 9, 2014

Wal-Mart in the Rain

Going to Wal-Mart any day is bad enough but going there on a cold day is awful, especially with a cold steady rain to greet me on the way out.

Mama had wanted to go today, so I got ready to go and was going to get a few things myself, but when the time came she was feeling too bad and wanted to lie down.  I would have just gone to Publix for the few things I wanted, but she had a list for me, some with the Wal-Mart brand, so I went on.

 I did end up enjoying myself though with no one to rush me and time to wander around - time enough to decide I needed a bamboo adjustable silverware container instead of the metal one I had where the knives kept slipping out the back.

That metal tray went to live around the corner in another drawer to hold the can opener and the other 30 or so cute little things we think we just have to have.

I also needed a clear plastic shoe hanger to put in the pantry.  I saw a picture of this earlier and thought it was a good idea, but I don't really have the wall space.  I kind of made it do until I get in there and clean up more.  Even thought the light switch is behind the empty pocket on the top row, I think I like it.

I was also excited about getting one of those toys on a stick to play with the cats. but they didn't have one I liked.  Murray is very playful, and Stella acts like she might let down her guard and play sometime.  He finds his own entertainment, but Mike brought this box home from Costco, and it has perfect little doors for one cat to go in and hide while the other one circles peeks in.

I received this video last night, and I cannot watch it without smiling.  I think kitchen sink baths are about to become a thing of the past.


  1. I love the video. She is having the best time. It's so much easier to give them a bath in the sink than the bath tub. She's a champion splaser for sure.What a cutie.

  2. It's so much easier on the back! These are sweet times and will be gone before you know it. I love that they are having so much fun and sharing it with us.