Friday, January 10, 2014

Rainy Afternoon Crafting

For once, I've started on a Christmas project ahead of time - WAY ahead.

I decided that next year Graysen should have her own Christmas tree.  With her own ornaments.

Since she lives in such a beautiful place and is bound to be an outdoor girl, I thought of her when I saw these little felt ornaments.

I love kits.  Everything you need is right there.

So this gloomy afternoon, I got a cup of coffee and got started.  

First thing was cutting out the patterns and tracing them onto the felt.  

And cutting out the shapes.  Sometimes I like mindless projects like this, although I did read the instructions first.

I started with the tree first, and each layer had to be blanket stitched to the adjacent piece.

It's slow going but really relaxing, and with the sequins and embroidery touches, they will be pretty cute.

If this turns out nice and I enjoy it, I'll look for some similar ones to do, maybe some more woodland animals

We discovered a few months ago that if you're a member of Amazon Prime, you get to download free movies and books to watch or read on the computer and Kindle or Nook.  I was surprised at the number of choices and put half a dozen on my "Watch List."

I just came back to post that I watched the first of these movies, "A Map of the World."  I had never heard of it, but it got 4-1/2 stars from Roger Ebert.  It was hard to watch at times, and I really considered abandoning it in the first 15 minutes.  I'm glad I stayed.

I discoveredsome  old "Fawlty Towers episodes, and we watched one this afternoon.

  They're still just as funny as they ever were.  John Cleeseias excellent as Basil, really in anything, just a good actor.

My favorite is Manuel or Man-Well.  I hope these links open.  We can't stop laughing at his throwing the phone.

I always feel exhausted after I watch 30 minutes of this show, but it brings back such good memories of enjoying it so long ago.

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