Saturday, January 18, 2014

Party Time

Graysen's birthday celebrating starts next Friday with a joint party with best friends Mila and Owen who are 2 weeks older than she is.

I thought I had more pictures of them, but I guess they were all videos, and I'm still wondering how to get those off my phone.  This is one I froze from a video.  Five adults trying to get 3 babies to pose in a basket.  The expressions on Mila's and Graysen's face say it all -- SERIOUSLY?!  Owen things it's a great idea.

Emily and I conspired  together on the phone last night to plan a few things for this party as well as another one on her real birthday.  I spent the morning and part of the afternoon chasing after just the right fabrics and ribbons and things to make all 3 of them party hats.  What seemed like a simple matter was harder than I thought, but these are the things I brought home.

Fabric from Beth's Heirlooms in Wetumpka.  So many pretty things there.

Ribbons from Hobby Lobby (50% off).  Pleated ribbon from Beth's.

And this fox ribbon for no reason.  With kitty paw in the background.

Everything else.  I wanted to find just a simple party hat to use as a template, but as huge as Hobby Lobby's party section is, I could only find a pack of 21.   At least they're kind of fun colors.

I spent a little time merging some designs in Embird for the embroidery machine and got this one ready for approval.  Not glued yet but done enough to see how they're going to look.

I'll finish this one and do 2 more tomorrow and then do the bib and shirt in the same fabrics.

Emily showed she was definitely my daughter when she emailed me in the middle of all this planning and said she was just going to take a break and re-teach herself to knit and make a bathcloth.  And she did and is teaching her friend Stephanie to make them today.  I love how much fun they have and what good friends Stephanie and Brian have been.  Can't wait to see the results of their afternoon's work.

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